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Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014... waiting for Spring!

Been a long hard winter here in northern Wyoming!  We had weeks of subzero weather.  I was so cold that I was about ready to fly south!!!

I've been spending a bit of time cleaning and prepping the garden.  I left the corn stalks in all winter... got to get those all pulled up!

I was to the co-op the other day and I just COULD NOT resist buying some seeds!
Radish, Crimson Giant (Olds Seeds)
Parsnip, Javelin Hybrid (Olds Seeds)
Lettuce, Oakleaf (Olds Seeds)
Eggplant, Chinese Long Purple (Olds Seeds)
Snap Pea, Super Sugar Snap (Olds Seeds)
Garden Pea, Little Marvel (Olds Seeds)

I'm going to cover my garden beds with black plastic to help the soil warm up.  And I'm thinking of creating hoop house covers for some of my beds.

Will post a picture later!

Your gardening friend in northern Wyoming (zone 4), Toni