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Friday, July 3, 2009

Video walk thru update 7/3/09

Happy 4th of July to all my gardening friends!!!!

Each Friday I hope to take you on a video tour of my garden. Here goes my 2nd video post! Enjoy!!!

Come take a walk with me through my Square Foot Garden!!!

I really need your gardening expertise!

1. What the heck did I plant here? I thought that I planted radishes....

2. What is this bug? I found him on my mystery supposed to be radish
plants, in my yukon gold potatoes, and I think that I saw it in my bush beans too! What should I do about it?

7/4/09 UPDATE.... bug identified!
Thank you Ribbit from The Corner Yard for identifying that Lady Bug Larve!!! Saddly... I did squish one... but won't do it again.


  1. That looks like spinach to me.........I grow Babys' Leaf Hybrid, and it looks exactly like that.
    Your garden looks wonderful, Toni!

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by! OK... spinach!
    I'll go thru my seed packets again and see if I have that.
    I have it planted under a tree with south/eastern exposure. And it's really growing well.

    Happy 4th!

  3. Leave that bug alone. I can't see it closely enough, but it looks like a lady bug larvae. Watch it, see if it curles up on itself and turns a coral color.

  4. Hi Ribbit! OK! I have been seeing more lady bugs around! YES, I did see one that had curled.

    I've got so much to learn about garden pests... and the good guys!

  5. Toni everything looks great and is growing so fast!

  6. Toni, your plants look so healthy! OK, so the potatoes not so much, but all the rest looks great!

  7. Thanks Granny! My poor poor yukon golds... : (

  8. Things are looking great. I think you're the radish queen, they seem to love your garden thats for sure. The unknown plant does kind of look like spinach.

  9. Hey Dan! Thanks... I duly accept the title of Radish Queen... too bad I don't really like them! I plant them for my husband who loves them!

    I picked quite a bit of that unknown green today. Pan fried it with garlic scapes and onion. It's a bitter green... didn't care for it at all... so out it goes! Got to make room for something else... maybe carrots... I do love carrots!

  10. That leaf looks like some kind of Oriental leaf like Pak Choi - salad leaf. Doesn't look like spinach to me, but you might have all sorts of different leaf shapes in WY

  11. Hi Matron! Thanks for stopping by!
    It's a bitter green. I don't it like... so I'm pulling it out to make room for something else.


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