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Monday, August 24, 2009

Cabbage & Carrots Harvest

Can't wait to try this cabbage! Not sure how I'll make it... although coleslaw is sounding kind of good....

We enjoyed these carrots with roasted chicken and garden beets (not pictured) last night!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on how NOT to lose my next planting of tender broccoli plants. I think that I will order some row covers. Sigh.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garden Overview photo

Harvested some more beets today. Will enjoy them tomorrow with Sunday dinner!

Here's an overview photo of my SFG.
My beautiful baby broccoli seedlings that I transplanted... didn't survive... they got eaten... sigh....

I was thinking that if I collect gallon milk jugs and cut out the bottoms that I could use these to protect my transplanted seedlings... Anyone else do something like that?

Now for some garden blog reading... got to get caught up!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Video Tour 8/21/09

Hi there gardening friends!!! I'm so enjoying reading all about your harvests!!!

Granny, I have canning envy!!! You have so many beautiful jars of garden yummies! That's my dream... to have a pantry FILLED with jars and jars of beautiful garden veggies!

My tomatoes are starting to turn! I have lots of fruit on my plants so... I'm hoping for lots of tomato sauce to can! Probably mid-September I'll be full out canning!

Finally made another garden tour video! Come on by for a quick 3 minute tour!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ah... the goodness of a ripe, sweet tomato!

A big welcome to Whitney! Thanks for following my blog!

This is the tomato that I've been photographing for weeks now! It's a Rutger variety. The other day it went from reddish... to red. My son Aaron was out inspecting the garden... and picked it! Lucky for me, he brought it in to show me before devouring it!

We each ate half... Oh my goodness... I have never tasted a tomato like that! It was so sweet! Wow!

My Romas are turning red too! Tomato sauce... here I come!
I bought some of those Mrs. Wages packets that Granny's been talking about... want to try the ketchup. Wouldn't that be awesome if my family actually liked it?
My sunflowers are all blooming now! Just love them!

Well... today I'm riping out my green beans.

They didn't hardly produce anything... just looked sickly all the time. The seed I used was old... maybe that was my problem. Gone are my visions of jars of canned green beans lining my pantry shelf... I'll have to go the farmer's market and buy some.... : (

Be gone sickly green beans... make way for a fall planting of broccoli seedlings... and spinach... and lettuce.. and arugula... and ???

Oh, I bought Eliot Coleman's Winter Season Handbook and just started reading it... Ah... visions of cool weather crops gracing my dinner table in the chilly winter.... Hmmmm...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunflowers blooming, tomatoes turning RED!

I LOVE Sunflowers!!! Love them!!! Look at this beauty!

And this one... just blooming! Love it!!!!
Oh my gosh... the "side shoots" on my broccoli plants are producing heads BIGGER than the main heads that I enjoyed in July!
I can't decide when to harvest this cabbage. It's a first timer for me! And then... I have to decide what I'm going to do with it!!!
Do you see what I see? Red... well... almost RED! Some of my tomatoes are starting to ripen up! YEAH!!!!
Sorry to be away for a while...

I've been busy mudding sheetrock at our new house.
You can see our new home in the background of the yellow sunflower. I'm working really hard to get a bathroom mudded... primed... and painted so that I can THEN... do the tiling... and hubby can install THE TOILET!

To read more about my other GRAND ADVENTURE, pop on over to that blog. I officially invite you!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Harvest Monday report... carrots... beets... and BER

Oh my gosh, these carrots have been so good! And beet greens... I absolutely love them. As a matter of fact... I have discovered that I LOVE Greens! I also love Swiss Chard (it's my first time eating it! I decided to plant it after seeing how pretty it was on someone's garden blog)... I put it in my chicken noodle garden soup for lunch!

Look... two tomatoes turning red... DARN... BER has struck...

Question Pepper Growers... I bought a 4-pack of jalapeno peppers at the nursery... but 2 of my 4 plants are NOT Jalapeno... What is this beautiful pepper?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Video Fri... errr.. Saturday Garden Update!

Take walk with me thru my 320 sq' garden!!!

Baby Update 8/7/09

Welcome June from Four Green Acres. Thanks for following my blog! June has the most beautifully written blog profile!

Garden Overview
No weeds in the garden... which I have to say has been such pure delight!!! But all around is a problem and... that is what I would be dealing with in a tradition garden. The weeds are just ferocious here in Wyoming!
Baby Watermelon... but the vine has vine borer... any ideas on what to do?
Grow little cuke... grow...
Another baby watermelon on a different vine
Bush beans... fall crop with their 1st two leaves

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carrots, Broccoli and Fall Crop update

A look around the Wyoming countryside!
This is a photo of the canal above our new home. In the background is the old metal water tower and the Bighorn Mountains. Do you see those storm clouds?

We're having quite a storm tonight complete with driving rain & wind. My garden has turned a deep vibrant green!

For supper last night I pulled enough carrots for all of us to enjoy! I'm wishing that I planted a 4x8 bed of carrots instead of 4x4... I LOVE CARROTS!!!
My 3 broccoli plants are now producing delicious side shoots. This little head that I harvest is almost as big as the main head that I cut back in July! Aaron ate the whole thing himself... he loves broccoli!

Fall Crops Update
1. I seeded broccoli in cups in the greenhouse (located inside on my 2nd floor porch). Most have germinated.
2. Replanted carrots in the empty carrot bed.
3. 4 squares of bush beans have emerged and have their first set of leaves.
4. I planted Sugar Ann peas last week... haven't germinated yet.

I plan to extend my growing season for... well... as long as possible by using hoop houses over my beds. THAT is an exciting benefit of SFG!

Eliot Coleman has a very interesting book on winter gardening... note to self: Buy it SOON!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harvest... red beets, greens, beans, radishes

I should have harvested my veggies BEFORE watering! Did you happen to see my Keen sandals from yesterday's post? Oh my! We have heavy clay soil here... and I was totally weighed down!

LOL!!! Anyway... I pulled quite a little harvest... even had enough beets and lettuce to share with my folks!

Included in my harvest: green beans... just a few..., radishes, baby romaine, leaf lettuce, my new most favorite green... swiss chard... (oh... lunch time is calling me!!!!) and beets.

I spied my very first baby Mandan Corn ear yesterday... yeah!!! And 2 little baby watermelons!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday... My precious babies

My vines are finally growing!

Welcome... welcome!!!
A big welcome to Hidinginmygarden and EllieMaesCottage! Hey, thanks for following my blog you guys!

Lettuce continues to be my biggest harvest, although I have begun to enjoy some beets and... have found that I love swiss chard!!!! I'm almost craving swish chard... like everyday!!!

My Romas are growing lots of fruit. I am finding some blossom end rot, though... : ( Below is a photo of my Rutger bush.

This is my first time growing Opalkas. What a strange looking tomato! It almost looks like a cucumber!!! I bought a few indeterminate plants at the Master Gardener Plant sale in May. Wish I had bought more actually! But I have 2 Opalkas and 2 Rutgers.
My vines are finally starting to grow! Look at the pretty bloom on my cantaloupe vine!
Lots of Romas... grow... grow!!!
This is one of my watermelon vines. It's finally long enough to reach the trellis that I build last week.
This is another cantaloupe vine. In the photo behind the vine is a sea shell... put it there... well... just because!
I seeded some broccoli inside a week or so ago. Most of those seeds have germinated. This will be for a fall crop.

My new bush been seedlings started in my onion box are coming up nicely. Can't believe how fast they're growing! Also started some more baby romaine and radishes in various squares through out the garden... loving SFG!!!

Well, got to run and pick some lettuce to go with our home made nachos!