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Thursday, December 30, 2010

oh so cold...

We're heading back into a deep freeze here in northern Wyoming.  Single digits will be the HIGH today.  Can you say, BURRRR????

And tonight is supposed to get really cold... double digits below zero!  Yikes!!!

338 AM MST THU DEC 30 2010

My little hoop house experiment continues despite the cold! 
HOOP HOUSE Temperature this morning just before 7AM... 39.7 degrees F.
OUTSIDE Temperature... 7 degrees!
I have beautiful living, thriving greens including beet greens, arugula, spinach, swiss chard... and the broccoli seeds that I sprinkled in the soil months ago have sprouted!
I swapped out the shop light for a warming lamp in my hoop house the other day and even though it's a blustery 7 degrees F outside... inside my hoop house is a cozy 39.7!
Tonight it will be really frigid with double digits below freezing... so I'll add an extra layer of covering on the inside of the hoop house over my plants taking extra care to cover the plants on the outer edges.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Microgreen Harvest 12/28/10

pea microgreens

spinach and radish microgreens

shoot... can't remember what I planted in the bottom planter!

I bought this indoor green house a few years ago.  It's perfect for getting my seeds started... and growing my microgreens!

pea microgreens
I read in a gardening magazine a few months ago about growing microgreens.  And thought... ya... I can do that!

So I grabbed a couple long planters and some left over seeds.  I sprinkled the seeds thickly over the soil then lightly covered with soil.  Placed the 2 long planters in my indoor greenhouse near a south facing window.  Watered every so often... well, really I just misted...

It's been a few weeks.  I've so enjoyed watching the seeds sprout and grow their first little leaves!

Today the pea sprouts were a good 3 or 4 inches tall... so I decided that it was time to harvest!!!

I plan on using my microgreens in salads, on sandwiches, and in my green smoothies!

Today those tender, fragrant, tasty pea microgreens went into my fruity green smoothie!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas dear gardening friends!

Merry Christmas my dear gardening friends!

You have inspired me and taught me so much this year.  Thank you!

PS... I've got two trays of mircogreens growing inside!!! They are about an inch high or so... when they reach 3 to 4 inches I'll be able to clip them for use in salads and green smoothies!  Oh... probably by Christmas Day actually!!!



microgreens growing in our inside greenhouse

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

yes... 68.5 degrees

Hi gardening friends!

I'm just back from walking the dog.  I was surprised by how warm it is out there... I know... warm is relative and you might be laughing at me when I say that it's 31 degrees F here.

But the sun is shining in the bright blue sky... and it feels so good!

The temperature in the hoop house is 68.5 degrees F (and climbing!)... and with bright sunshine it's sure to be nice and cozy by this afternoon!

I'm about ready to begin laying tile in the 1st floor bathroom... yay... we're going to have a bathroom on the first floor just in time for Christmas!!!  Well... if I get off the computer and get to work...LOL...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's 53.6 degrees...

Hello gardening friends!

I am so enjoying my little hoop house.  It's fun to make little adjustments to see how to add warmth.

Most of my plants survived the November/December chill of single digit temps or weeks of temperatures in the teens at night.  Usually we get 2 weeks of deep freeze in January.  I'm hoping that we're done with the really cold cold weather... but that might be a little optimistic!

Having a light bulb hanging in the middle of the hoop house has made the biggest difference... and covering the hoop house up at night... yes... with a sleeping bag!

This morning at 7am (before sunrise), it's 53.6 degrees F.  Outside, according to my truck, it's only 24 degrees.

Who is your favorite seed supplier?

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's here... let the dreaming begin!

I am the proud recipient of my very own Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog!  I have been on the list to get one for months now... and here it is in my hands!

It is beautiful!!!  Filled with gorgeous pictures of fruit and vegetables to drool over!

Just a moment ago, my husband and I were fighting over who got to look at it first!  He won when I mistakenly put it down to type something on the computer.  Possibly, he needs his own copy...

OK... marker in hand... off to bed I go with my precious seed catalog!!  Ah the dreams I will have tonight!!!!

59.0 degrees F at 8am...

Boy, we are having a heat wave here in northern Wyoming!!!!

It's actually in the 30s outside this morning!  It was really nice NOT to have to scrape ice off the windshield before taking my son to school.

Inside the little hoop house it's a balmy 59.0 degrees F!  Yes... I said 59.0 degrees at 8:15am without sunshine!  Of course... it's still covered up with the sleeping bag... and the work light inside the dome is still on...
all snug and cozy with it's sleeping bag cover...

Have a great gardening day!  I'm off to get some tiling done in our 1st floor bathroom!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 degrees outside this morning at 7am... but...

It's 12 degrees outside this morning at 7am... but... inside my hoop house, it's a cozy 43.7 degrees F.

It's amazing what a  light bulb can do... and it has made all the difference in keeping the temperature up.

see the work light dangling from the center of the hoop house?

sleeping bag covering my little hoop house, an extra layer for frigid nights

Friday, December 10, 2010

Morning surprise...

I've got my painting clothes on this morning!  Going to give the 1st floor bathroom a 2nd coat of paint today!!!

As I stepped outside shortly before 6am, in my short sleeve shirt to let the dog out, I was surprised by how warm it was out there!!!!

It's in the 30s this morning!!!  Not having to scrape the windshield... "It's a good thing!"

In the little hoop house it's 52.7 degrees!

I'm heading out there shortly to pick some nice fresh greens!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the light bulb...

So I replaced the light bulb yesterday afternoon.  Wow... what a difference!

It's 12 degrees outside according to my truck's temperature gauge... but it's a cozy 41.7 in my hoop house!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's 26.6 degrees in the hoop house this morning....

Good morning...

We had hoar frost on Monday.  Everything was covered in glimmering crystals!
It's 6am here in the wilds of Wyoming.  Still dark outside.

The outside temperature is 15 degrees.  But, inside the hoop house it's 26.6 but my temperature display says that it got down to 24.0 during the night.

During the day with bright sun it gets up to the 70s in my little hoop house even though it'll be only in the 30s.

My work light that I have dangling from the hoops burned out a while ago.  Today I'll put a new bulb in it.  It helps to raise the temperature about 5 degrees or so.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's 70 degrees today!

It's a bright sunny day here in northern Wyoming!  The sun feels really warm!

It's 70 degrees today... in my little hoop house that is...

I just harvested some more greens!

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's 6:15am...

Happy Monday Gardening friends!

Ah.... don't you just love a brand new week?

It's 6:15am here in Northern Wyoming.  We had fog so thick yesterday that visibility was probably less than 100 feet!  From what I can see in the dark, it looks like the trees will be all covered in hoar frost.  (Come back later this morning, I'll post a picture!)

It's a bone chilling 15 degrees outside, but inside my little hoop house it's 25.3 degrees F.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Watered the plants in the hoop house

Took a break from mudding walls to do a little work in my hoop house on the beautiful sunny warmish (maybe 30?) afternoon.

a peek into the hoop house
Here's what I did today:
-pulled the large arugula plant that died in the chilly teens last week
-planted some spinach and radish seeds

Hoop House improvements:
-put a large piece of styrofoam on the north side
-put a smaller piece of styrofoam on the west side
-added 2 hot water filled containers to the north side

Hopefully these improvements should help shelter the plants a little better.

sad little swiss chard in the north west corner... can't you just see it shivering?


swiss chard

swiss chard

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hoop House Experiment update 12/3/10

Sorry for the long absence!  The weather was really cold for a good week or so before Thanksgiving.  Too cold for photographs!

It's been a little warmer since black Friday with temps getting up to the 30s during the day and teens at night.

Hoop House update...
My little hoop house stays between the 20s & 30s during the night even with the chilly teen temps thanks to my fortifications (Christmas lights and a sleeping bag cover over the plastic).

Unfortunately, I did lose some plants to the bitter cold though.  My huge arugula "bush" that was growing so nicely on the west side really took a beating... not sure if it'll make a come back, we'll see.  And 2 of my swiss chard plants on the north side look really sad.

But still growing are spinach, swiss chard, and arugula... as well as my micro greens including mesclun, radish, and sunflower.

Today I harvested some of the greens that will be used in my morning green smoothie... yup... still drinking down that delicious fruity green stuff!

greens harvested from the hoop house 12/3/10

Hope that you had a yummy Thanksgiving!

For the first time in our new home, we hosted 16 family & friends.  And it looks like Christmas dinner will be here too this year!