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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh my gosh... snowing like a...

What a strange day it's been! It is now snowing like a blizzard out there!!!

Farmer's Gold!!! That's what my mother calls it!

Wow... the ground is all covered in snow!

There's ICE in the...

A GRAND welcome to goodgaby13! Thanks for following my garden blog!

Good morning Gardening Friends!

What a day yesterday! The wind blew and blew! Strong gusts blew my red gardening bucket, the heavy dog house, and my empty 30 gallon barrels all over the place!

In several of my planted squares of onions, a couple inches of soil was blown away...

The wind brought with it icy temperatures freezing the water in the bird bath... solid! Gosh, the forecast says there's a possibility for snow tomorrow! Well.... we'll see about that!

This wind is typical of our spring weather so it seems... I remember complaining about the wind last year too!

But all is calm this morning and it's even warmed up to 38!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No!!! Go Away WIND!

No!!! Go away WIND!!! Don't blow my soil and seeds away!

30 mph wind gusts....

Saturday, April 24, 2010


What a beautiful day here in northern Wyoming!

I'm back from exhibiting our line of GREEN cleaners at the Earth Day Celebration! Lots of interest.... yeah!!!

And now... it's garden time! In go Wando Peas! These are a bush variety. The packet says 69 days till harvest! Thats.... um... OK... the 1st week in July!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cleaning more boxes...

Well, it was a gorgeous day yesterday and while the Windshield Doctor fixed chips in my truck windshield (think country... tractors... construction... rocks!)... I pulled and tugged dead garden stuff out of my boxes!

I'm ready to plant some peas now... that's the very next thing I'm going to do outside.

I have to confess though... I'm quite behind the ball on my tomato & pepper starts. Just got seeds planted the other day. Hope they grow fast!!!

Zone 4 here in beautiful northern Wyoming, we typically don't plant tomato & pepper plants outside until Memorial Day weekend or later... so my seedlings have 5 weeks to grow.

I'm so totally NOT organized in my gardening effort this year!

All I can think about is finishing my kitchen & pantry because the cabinet install is scheduled for mid-May! Yeah!!!

Happy Gardening friends!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 box planted with Spring crops!

I'm just in from spending a few hours in the garden!

Before I could plant, I had to clear out the corn stalk remains from last year then add some compost and water!

I got 1 4x4 box planted with spring crops!
-baby carrots
-baby romaine
-4 different kinds of radishes (planted special for my DH!)
-onions in each corner square

I loosely covered my planted 4x4 box with plastic to help the soil temperature to rise.

OK... let the garden yummies sprout!!!

I hope to get my tomato & pepper plants seeded inside tonight after supper!

Thanks to my gardening friends who stuck with me even during my long months of not posting! I appreciate your friendship, encouragement, and shared experience!!!! Hugs to each of you!!!!

I get to...

Ah... taxes done finally!

Today, I will reward myself by getting to play in the garden! I plan to plant: radishes, spinach, lettuce, onions, and carrots!

The sun is shining brightly here this morning! Oh how I love a sunshiny day! Just makes me smile! : )

Gardening friends... it's going to be so good to back in touch with you again! Hey, don't the day be too TAXING! LOL!