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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Video walk thru update 7/11/09

Blooming Tomatoes!
Olpaka and Rutger
We were so busy "house finishing" yesterday, that I didn't get to poke around my garden... but I did make the time today to make my weekly Garden Video Update!

Overall, everything is filling out nicely! We continue to have nice warm sunny days here and my garden is loving it!

My yukon gold potato patch is looking very sad... but there will be some potatoes to harvest even still!

Want to walk around the garden with me?


  1. Nice video.....sad, sad looking Yukons (sorry!)
    At least they're producing. I wonder what went wrong???
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Toni, it's all beautiful!! I don't know what to be more impressed with, your work on your house or your garden.

  3. Great tour - Everything looks well established and you should have a good harvest. Here in the northeast it has been non stop rain and we are having late blight problems so I'm not holding out much hope for our garden! I enjoy your blog keep it up!!

  4. Ribbit-Thank you for your kind words! I'm so grateful that I went with SFGing this year. I have NO time for weeds!

    Chef Phil and Malinda-I'm sorry to hear about all your rain! I'm happy to share some Wyoming sun with you... I'm from Massachusetts... I remember those long periods over overcast rainy weather! Although this year sounds like a real challenge!

  5. The garden is looking great! And I just love the videos... square foot gardening is definitely the way to go :-)

    Have a great day!


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