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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carrots, Broccoli and Fall Crop update

A look around the Wyoming countryside!
This is a photo of the canal above our new home. In the background is the old metal water tower and the Bighorn Mountains. Do you see those storm clouds?

We're having quite a storm tonight complete with driving rain & wind. My garden has turned a deep vibrant green!

For supper last night I pulled enough carrots for all of us to enjoy! I'm wishing that I planted a 4x8 bed of carrots instead of 4x4... I LOVE CARROTS!!!
My 3 broccoli plants are now producing delicious side shoots. This little head that I harvest is almost as big as the main head that I cut back in July! Aaron ate the whole thing himself... he loves broccoli!

Fall Crops Update
1. I seeded broccoli in cups in the greenhouse (located inside on my 2nd floor porch). Most have germinated.
2. Replanted carrots in the empty carrot bed.
3. 4 squares of bush beans have emerged and have their first set of leaves.
4. I planted Sugar Ann peas last week... haven't germinated yet.

I plan to extend my growing season for... well... as long as possible by using hoop houses over my beds. THAT is an exciting benefit of SFG!

Eliot Coleman has a very interesting book on winter gardening... note to self: Buy it SOON!


  1. Toni, me too...I wish I'd planted WAY more carrots! Yours are lovely, as is the broccoli. We're getting a bit of a storm this evening, too. It feels so cool and fresh after all those 100-plus degree days!

  2. Those carrots looks delicious! I haven't started my fall garden yet, but you are reminding that I need to get on with that soon. -Jackie

  3. Granny-thank! Glad the cooler weather is reaching you.

    Jackie- they were sooo good!

  4. Toni,
    Hoops are the way to go, with season extenders!

  5. Rosey Pollen- I'm excited to give it a try!

  6. Toni,

    I LOVE Eliot Coleman's book. It has helped me extend the season in wonderful ways. We were eating greens this spring when snow was still on the ground. Highly recommend it!

    We love our square-foot inspired garden too!

  7. I wish I could do hoop houses. I can't in the side yard because it faces a neighbor, the other corner yard doesn't get winter sun, and the main corner yard has an odd arrangement that would make it difficult. Hmmmm....I bet I could figure it out this winter and do it the next.

  8. Great side shoots. I have to get with the program and plant my fall peas as well.

  9. I love the idea of SFG and no weeds. Can I assume you read Mel Bartholomew's book? If so, which version would you recommend, the 2006 edition of the 2000 edition?


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