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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tomatoes are ripening up nicely...

I've been collecting tomatoes... these are the ones that I picked last week.

This morning as I meandered around the garden, I found lots more tomatoes ready to pick.  I washed everything up in my sink (we finally have the water installed!) with my very favorite organic cleaner.   I just use a few drops of this stuff and I'm always amazed at the grit and dirt that comes out!

It's been so cool this summer that I've been picking lettuce all summer.

In this photo: Tomatoes (mostly Viva Italia), Green Peppers, Baby Romaine Lettuce, Swiss Chard, and Arugula.

I can't believe that it's been so long since my last post!  But it's been a cool summer so the garden has been slow.

We've been really busy with the house working on the kitchen.  Guess that's been my priority!  I'm happy to report that I have a working sink!  My talented hubby got the water connections done on Friday!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tomato Harvest... and more Royal Burgundy Beans

I harvested enough Royal Burgundy beans for 2 family meals today!!!  I love the color of these beans!  Um... burgundy is my favorite color!

When you cook them... they turn green!

I had a fantastic Tomato harvest today!!!!!

Included in this harvest:
-Viva Italia (paste tomato)
-Lemon boy
-Sweet Tangerine

The tomato that I'm pointing to is the Sweet Tangerine (looks like I could have left it on the vine just a little longer... but I was so anxious to pick it and eat it!!!).  The little yellow tomato is a Lemon Boy.

Royal Burgundy Beans... and Orange Tomatoes...

Royal Burgundy Beans...
I'm beginning to harvest my Royal Burgundy Beans!!!  They are so pretty!!!! I LOVE the color of these beans!  After I pick some more this afternoon, I will have enough beans for supper tonight!

Tomato Update...
As I was watering my garden this morning... admiring the growth of my 90 tomato plants.. I was amazed to see how many new flowers have blossomed over the weekend!  Looks like I'm going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year!

I have a new favorite eating tomato... it's called Sweet Tangerine!  Oh my gosh, the flavor is just divine... sweet and mild... I sure want to grow lots more of these plants next year!

Sorry... don't have a picture (they got eaten really fast... hee hee...) but they are beautiful Orange tomatoes!

I had some friends over for lunch recently and put some of these Sweet Tangerine orange tomatoes in my salad.  I took a bite and was like... OH MY GOSH... did you get some of the orange tomatoes in your salad????  They're fantastic!