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Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring, Spring... where for art thou?

A big WELCOME to Gardeness from Garden Muse! Thanks for following my blog!

No, haven't died... yet! Still here! Honestly... been so very busy finishing my house. Really really want to be done before the summer!

Want to give a big THANK YOU to for sending me 10 packets of seeds to try! Included in my bounty...
-Tomato, Yellow Pear (yumm)
-Carrot, Purple Haze Hybrid (Yeah... been wanting to try purple carrots!)
-Lettuce, Gourmet Mix (Sigh... fresh lettuce... can't wait!!!)
-Wildflower Mix, Elite (all wildflowers are OK in my book!)
-Shasta Daisy, Alaska (one of my favorites!)
-Broccoli, Waltham
-Cilantro, Slow Bolt
-Casaba Melon, Golden Beauty
-Snapdragon, Giant Tetra Mix (you should see how tiny these buggers are!)
-Four O'Clocks, Marvel of Peru (flowers... I love flowers!)

Thank You Home Town Seeds! And best wishes as you grow your business!

Farmer's Market in Deaver!
I popped into a new local gas station/on the go snacks shop today in Deaver, Wy. The owner was very nice! I stopped to look at her community board and we got to talking...

She's going to sponsor a Farmer's Market this summer and invited me to join in! Fun!!!
I may just give that a try!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Has anyone used the eComposter?

Hi gardening friends!

Costco has that eComposter on sale for $150 coming up here pretty soon. Anyone have personal experience with it that they could share?

Here's the link: eComposter

I've been thinking that this year in my gardening adventure... I really should begin composting.

EG, I know that you've got a big operation going on over there... got to pop on over to your site and see how your bins are working out for you.

I'm looking at this eComposter in terms of ease of use... and it does look kinda cool too!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Extending the Growing Season-video

Hi friends!

Still cold here in Wyoming with snow on the ground... was below zero again just the other morning. But the sun feels warmer every afternoon giving promise to Spring!

One of my interests is in extending my growing season!

Just received this awesome video from Territorial Seed on just that! Extending the Growing Season! Thought I'd share it with you! Here it is: Extending the Growing Season