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Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden Video Update 7/20/09

Welcome to Jane! Thanks for following my blog! Best wishes as you make your big move!

Garden Overview

I have had hardly any weeds to pull in my garden... but... I'm being surrounded by weeds outside the garden!

Better get that taken care of before those weeds go to seed!

Yukon Gold baby "gourmet" potatoes harvested last week when I couldn't find my camera! This basket contains maybe 3 pounds of potatoes. I roasted some in olive oil last week... they were fantastic!!!

Want to walk around the garden with me?
Find out what grows good in Wyoming...


  1. Your garden is looking good Toni. It's nice to see someone else's garden that's only about as far along as mine! (but your peppers are lots bigger). I hope your beans finally green up. Mine seem to look a little better each day, though I do have a square that didn't recover well. The others have finally grown and filled in the empty space, so I barely notice now.

  2. Hi Amy! Are you in zone 4?

    I bought some more compost today. I'm going to add compost to the bed of green beans... I'll see if that helps.

  3. No, I'm in zone 5 but at 7000' in Colorado, so my garden seems so far behind other zone 5 people.

  4. Seeing your potatoes so makes me wish I had planted some this year. I never got around to ordering them before it was too late. Next year I will be growing them- that's for sure! Your garden is looking good. :)

  5. Your plants are just beautiful Toni. My eggplants were the same yellow color when I planted them. After some heat and a bit of fertilizer they greened up.


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