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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain Barrels... Make Your Own!

I know that we don't get very much moisture here in the high desert of Wyoming... but I still want a rain barrel to collect what we DO GET!

Trash Can Rain Barrel
The really cheap way to make your own barrel: Trash Can Rain Barrel
Gravity Gardener shares step by step instructions on how the make a Rain Barrel using a trash can for $10! Great pics! Here's Gravity Gardener's instructions.

I'm inspired... I WANT ONE for my square foot garden!!!!!

Found these instructions while googling...
Directions on how to make your own Rain Barrel: DIY Rain Barrel

Just came across EG's SFG blog. He has this great post with lots of pics on how to build your own Rain Barrel!!! So appreciate his post!!!

A fellow SFGer from the Square Foot Gardening forum (JPJ52) suggested using this set of directions.


Where to get a used plastic barrel locally:
For anyone in Bighorn & Park counties of Wyoming... this is where I got my barrels:
The Pepsi company has large barrels that are available for $10.00 You have to go on a waiting list for them. To get on the list, call Fremont Beverages at 754-7295. They must be picked up in Powell. They are suitable for food storage.

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