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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A trellis for my cukes and pole beans

Found corn growing in a mulch heap on the side of my garden.  So I carefully dug up the seedlings and transplanted them in one of my boxes....

I've been thinking and thinking about EG's trellises... he is the King of using trellises in his garden... so in this box... inspired by EG... I'm using one trellis for cukes and the other for pole beans.

And here's a short video about my trellised bed.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My very first pea...

My very first itty bitty pea....

And as I walked around the garden I saw a flower on one of my eggplants!

The 4 squares of radishes that I planted are all sprouting!  My husband LOVES radishes, so I try to plant lots of them throughout the summer.

Here's a photo of my gardening buddy.  Her name is Missy. She adopted us this spring.  I'm hoping to teach her to chase the kittens OUT of the garden!!!  : 0

Friday, June 25, 2010

Die... Grasshoppers... DIE!

Just read a really informative article on how to preserve Basil... HERE!

We've enjoyed 2 beautiful warm summer days here in Northern Wyoming... and that's all it took for my pea plants to start blooming!

My battle with grasshoppers has begun... they've eaten to death several of my pepper plants... Every morning I dust with Diatomaceous Earth... while saying... DIE GRASSHOPPERS... DIE... under my breath of course...

I plucked a white radish this morning... it got eaten before I could photograph it!  : )

Monday, June 21, 2010

a little harvest of greens...

A few yummy greens!

Thinned out the baby carrot square, took off a few spinach leaves, and thinned the beets.

On my walk with the dog up the canal above our place, I found 3 sprigs of asparagus!

A meager harvest... but I'll take it!

Plopped it all into my Vita Mixer for a green shake!

Here in northern Wyoming gardens are just getting started.  Been a cool spring here with lots of rain.... and wind!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't BLOW away garden, please

Been a wet & windy late spring here in northern Wyoming.

Please garden... don't blow away!!!

HGTV had a good post on Facebook this morning about growing tomatoes in a short season.  I think that we'll be having a short growing season this year...

In the HGTV article they list some good heirlooms to try for short season.

Wind wind go away... come again... um... NEVER!

OK... we need the wind to dry up the extra moisture... I mean puddles from the 1/2 inch of rain that we received last night.  And we need the wind to blow in some better weather.

Sure is a windy one today.  I'm NOT complaining...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It started out sunny but to the north the Pryor mountains were engulfed in dark foreboding clouds....

Then the lightening started... long streaks lighting up the darkened sky followed by loud, "jump out of your seat" cracks of thunder.

The rain was propelled sideways by a driving wind as it poured down upon my metal roof like a waterfall onto the ground!

Thankfully... I had just finished putting the rest of the cages around my tomato plants!

Now...  The sky has brightened a bit and the wind has calmed.  Rain continues to come down but more gently....

Garden additions:
Stopped by the greenhouse today... purchased:
-1 Spaghetti Squash (planted!)
-2 Red Bell Peppers (planted!)
-2 Green Bell Peppers (planted!)
-2 Oregano plants (planted in a clay pot!)
-2 beautiful Red Geraniums (planted!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Starting to look like a garden!

Got the rest of the tomatoes planted that I purchased at our local greenhouse.

Now to plant some more spinach, arugula, radishes, escarole, beets, and baby romaine!

I harvested a few baby spinach leaves yesterday!

Two onions unintentionally overwintered.  The one pictured was plucked out of the ground yesterday by my 12 year old son... and eaten!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

22 more....

A big welcome to PermaMedia!  Thanks for following my blog!

I think that I may have over done it at the green house on Friday!

I'm actually NOT sure how many tomato plants I bought... they all looked SO GOOD!  Maybe it was 40 something???

Anyway, I just counted what's left to be planted... 22 more!!!

I have a wonderful variety of plants this year.  I will have to go to the garden to look at the tags and write down all the varieties.  Some I have never heard of!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Went to our local greenhouse on Friday!  Bought bunches of tomato plants!

Got half of them planted, the rest are on top of the freezer away from kitties who knock stuff over!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luscious Rain...

A grand welcome to Lorena!  Thanks for following my blog!

(Blogger said they had new templates... so I decided to give this new template a try.)

My garden had a growth spurt today!  We had a lovely rain this afternoon and early evening... my garden drank it all up!

Leaves are bigger, beans are taller, peas are bushier... love it!

When the rain stopped just before the sun dropped out of the sky, I grabbed some pea & kentucky wonder pole beans seeds and planted more seeds in spots that hadn't germinated.

It's so amazing what a rain storm will do for the garden!

PS... I am totally LOVING my gravel pathways!!!  No more muddy shoes!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden Video tour 6/7/10

My garden loved the rain last night!!!

Carrots are sprouting, cucumber plants are getting their second set of leaves, spinach is almost big enough to pick off a few leaves, peas are starting to climb...
I was out early this morning pulling some weeds and admiring all my baby plants!

And now... a tour of my garden! 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Planted 4 squares of Little Gem Lettuce...

What a lovely night!  Spent a little time out in the garden tonight watering, pulling weeds, and admiring my budding seedlings!

Decided to plant 4 squares of Little Gem Lettuce in one of my 4x4 beds.  I planted 4 seeds per square which will give me 16 petite heads just perfect for a 1... maybe 2 person salad!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden update 6/2/10

We've had some nice Spring rains and bright warm sunshine here in northern Wyoming... and my garden is loving it!

For those who may be new to my blog, I'm using Mel's Square Foot Gardening method.  This is my second year doing square foot gardening... it's so much fun deciding what's going to go in each of my 1x1' squares!

Here's an update of what's happening....

My peas and onions are doing great!
The peas are reaching up, just about ready to climb up the sticks!  You can see my shallots and onions in the right squares behind the peas in this box.

Also coming up are my beans.  For the very first time, I'm growing Royal Burgundy Beans and Kentucky Wonder Pole beans!

My cucumbers have also poked thru the soil with their two little leaves... and remember those carrot seed mats that I planted?  Well... some of my Danvers Half Long carrots have germinated as well (I grew these last year, they were delicious and perfect for my SFG.)!

To Do...
My big chore is adding more dirt mix to my boxes.  I'm amazed at how much dirt is gone!  Most of my boxes need at least a 1/3 more dirt added to fill them up.

PS... I haven't set out my tomato plants yet. I'm letting the seedlings grow a bit as I started them late.  I'm trying some Amish Paste tomatoes for the first time!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rhubarb Bread Recipe

A friend of my Mom's just shared this Rhubarb Bread recipe... wish I had a Rhubarb plant!