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Friday, August 7, 2009

Video Fri... errr.. Saturday Garden Update!

Take walk with me thru my 320 sq' garden!!!


  1. You garden looks amazing and so tasty. Great video. You might also want to check out to upload your video to blogger. I have used it and like it.

  2. It looks so lovely. I love burgundy sunflowers -- they're all cheery, but the burgundy ones are special, I think.

  3. That was wonderful! Thanks so much for your video's. You have a lovely accent Toni. :)

  4. Hi - just viewed you blog (I linked in from my friend Jane) - your garden looks amazing. Have you built the house yourself - it looks soooooooooooooo big - Lesley

  5. Hi Jane- I'll check out because... it takes FOREVER to upload videos into blogger! Thanks for the tip!

    Stefaneener-Thank you! Sunflowers are my favorite!

    Hey hidinginmygarden- thank you for your kind words.

    Welcome Lesley! Thank you for your kind words! Yes, my husband and I built the house ourselves! I'm so looking foward to moving into it in a few months. Have you been to my house building adventure blog?


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