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Friday, June 26, 2009

Video Overview of my Garden!

Welcome Wydawake2002! Thanks for following my blog!

My very first garden overview video!

Well, I have been inspired by EG and his garden videos... so I thought that I'd give video a try! My little Canon PowerShot s400 only allows me 3 minutes of video... so each segment is short... and hopefully... sweet!

Overview part 1 Overview part 2


  1. Cool, Toni! I really enjoyed the videos, but you sure do talk funny! Ha! Oh well....granny does too....

  2. Way cool, Toni. You've really got your hands full, though, don't you! With the garden, not EG's raggin' on your accent, that is. :)

  3. I wonder why everyone on TV talks like you and I, and NOT like EG? LOL!!!

    That was very, very enjoyable, Toni. You're are a master videographer! I wish I could do one, but I can't get through my entire garden, it's so overgrown!

  4. Great video's Toni! I can't wait to see your garden full grown. Your icicle radishes are very nice, I have never seen them before.

  5. EG-I'm from New England... although I don't have a strong accent... I only transplanted myself here in Wyoming recently. Now.. You're strong southern drawl... well... lol... I love it!

    Hey Ribbit-yes.... I sure DO have my hands full... and lovin' it!

    Granny-thank you for your kind words!!! It was fun to make!

    Hi Dan- thank you!!! My husband has really really been enjoying the white icicle radishes... they are really spicy/hot!

  6. Geez I am starting to Jones for a small digital video cam! LOL!

    Fun garden tour! Thanks for the spin through the various beds.

  7. 50 tomato plants? You're a mad woman! I bet you get a lot of sauce and salsa out of them - what a delight. =)

    Watch out for the icicle radishes - they get ENORMOUS if you don't pull them... and the bigger they get the hotter they become. I'll try to post some pictures of a few we let go to flower. They're crazy big (the size of my forearm)!

  8. Your voice sounds normal to me too!
    Everything looks so wonderful. You're the queen of the radishes!

  9. KitsapFG-my little camera allows me 3 minutes of video... hey... what about your cell phone? Can you do video with it?

    Just Jenn-really??? the size of your forearm... oh my goodness!!! Yes.. pictures please!

  10. Hey Sue-thank you! I hereby accept the honor of "Queen of the Radishes!" LOL!

  11. Hey Toni, thanks for the welcome. Great site. This is my first year sq.ft. gardening and I LOVE it. Come by my blog sometimes-

  12. So nice to hear YOU and the birds outside. I love this sort of stuff. Seriously, if I could just wander around vegetable gardens I'd be happy.

    I'm goig to have to figure out how to post video, so I can try to imitate EG!

  13. Good morning Stepaneener! Thank you for your kind words. It was really fun to do... and pretty easy!

    How to post a video...
    First off... I was surprised by how LONG it took to process! I kicked it off then went back to house building.

    All you do... to get your video onto your blog is click on the button to the right of the photo button. Then you select the video that you've downloaded onto your computer. Then wait... and wait...

    Looking forward to hearing you voice and seeing your garden via video.

    EG... see what you've started???

  14. I'm loving the videos. Keep them coming.

  15. Oh My! What a great garden you have! Everything looks beautiful and I wish I had the space you do.


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