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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tracking down Vermiculite

Mel's growing mix (not soil!) calls for 1/3 each of Vermiculite, Peat, & Compost.

So, I'm tracking it all down! Called Northern Gardens in Cody. They have Vermiculite for $34.95 for a 3 cu' bag.

3/23/09... update...
Ok... been making lots of phone calls. I saw an ad in our local paper for the Big Horn Co-op. Well of course.... they supply all the seed for our local farmers... we are a farming community.

The great news is that they have Vermiculite for $26.29 for 4 cu'! Awesome! That sure beats $35 for 3.5 cu'!

3/21/09... update...
Been tracking down Vermiculite online... so far found 4 cu' bags for $33 including shipping. Online Garden Supply store

Oh... I signed up as a member of Mel's Square Foot Garden website. They have a very helpful forum there. One of the SFG forum members posted this youtube video of her garden: video

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