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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whole garden photo update...

Boy, the weather has been strange this spring/summer here in Wyoming! We've gotten so much rain!

It's raining tonight which is awesome because my beds were getting a bit dry.

Now, on average... our area gets 6" of moisture a year. We're in a high desert. I think that we've already gotten that 6" plus... The countryside is really getting green!

Loving SFG...
I am so enjoying my garden! I love to walk around my boxes and see the growth of my plants! I'm sooo happy that I decided to do Square Foot Gardening (SFG) this year! It sure was a LOT of work getting it set up... but I've pulled less than 40 weeds so far this season... and THAT is just incredible!!!

Whole Garden photo...
Here's the whole garden picture that I took this afternoon from a 2nd floor window.
I think that I can safely put away all my plastic sheeting now... although... typically we a 1 or 2 hail storms in June.

In the 2nd row (front to back) you can see my Wando Peas (a bush variety)... don't they look organized?

Yukon Golds... update
My Yukon Gold Potatoes are starting to flower. They're getting taller and the plants are filling out. If you look at the garden overview photo, my potato box is the 3rd one on the right... my onion box is just to the left of it there in the middle.

When are Potatoes Ripe?
I was just over to Skippy's Garden where Kathy has a great post on potatoes... "When are Potatoes Ripe." I found it to be very helpful! Thanks for that great post Kathy!

Click HERE for detailed information on growing Yukon Golds. I read that they're ready in about 90 days... so that would be August for me.

-Carrots (a whole 4x4 bed!)
-Beets (4 squares)
-Radishes (too many squares to count!)
-Collards (2 squares)
I was so inspired by the beautiful Collards that so many of you are harvesting... that I planted 2 squares and they're sprouting up!

We continue to enjoy salad greens and some radishes... and a few onions that we plucked because I double planted a few squares.

Gardening Friends!
Love your comments! It's so much fun to read your garden blogs! I'm learning so much!


  1. Wow- what an awesome set up you have. I am so happy that you posted that link about the potatoes. I want to do that so bad- I think Ill prep and do it next spring...I think Im too late now! Have a great Sunday!

  2. Only 6" of rain per year? Man...that's not much! I'm glad that you are enjoying this gardening method, it's the only way to have a manageable garden - in my opinion. Everything is looking great!

  3. Your garden looks amazing! I can see all that hard work you must have put in there.

  4. Hi Toni,
    Looks like you've got quite a nice setup. I used raised beds when we lived in IL because they were better for drainage(it rained all the time!)
    Now here in MI, I find it hard to keep them moist enough.........are you having much trouble?
    I see you get even less rain than we do.

  5. The garden is coming along beautifully. It is fun to see the big overview photos - gives a greater sense of the layout and how the entire garden is progressing.

  6. Looks really good!! I love how organized your boxes are. And they are getting green with growth! How exciting!!

  7. I am so impressed with your SFG!! I am also trying the SFG method for the first time (on a much smaller scale - 3 4x4 beds). Great job so far! I can't wait to see how everything progresses!

  8. Hi LizSaumsiegle! Thank you for your kind comments!

    I'm really really enjoying my SFG! Each day I pull a couple weeds... which so awesome! And I've begun to enjoy some yummy salads and radishes!

    I'll pop on over to your blog and say hi!

  9. Toni, I started sqg last year. I had some success with tomatoes, squash, brocolli, but onions, which I usually have done quite well with hardly grew at all. By the end of the season, they were about the size of golf balls. I didn't even harvest them. For the last several years, my wife hasn't had to even buy onions all year long because of our good harvests. I followed Mel's recipe carefully, but somehow the onions didn't like is or something. Also, all of my beans died. I planted bush beans. They came up grew for a few days and slowly every plant shriveled up and died. Any ideas? I can't seem to access the SQG group to ask them what they might suggest.
    John in Price, Utah

  10. Hi J! Thanks for stopping by!
    2009 was my first year with SFG as well. Had the same problem with my bush beans. The plants started out green & healthy then I noticed leaves dropping. I attribute it to old seed. I will be adding some new compost to all my beds and will give beans a try again.

    My tomatoes did wonderfully and from that I was able to make many many quarts of tomato sauce!

    My potatoes didn't do well either... same problem as my beans.

    Good luck this coming gardening season J! What zone are you there in Price, Utah? I'm zone 4.


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