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Friday, January 22, 2010

The sky is white...

Such an awesome view to look out and see a white sky!

It started with little flakes that you could hardly see then... it's as if the sky opened up... looks like a blizzard now! And looks like cold weather is back for a while.

Well... I'll just keep looking over my seed catalogs!

Question.... Who do you order most of your seeds from?

I just heard from this new seed company... so I'm going to see what they've got.


  1. This year I ordered from Fedco. Last year it was Pinetree, with a little bit of Johnny's thrown in.

    I just love when the trees are coated with snow. The trees don't seem to like it as much but they are so pretty.

  2. Oh wow! That sure is a pretty picture. I love seeing snow on the trees....I always pick up vegetable seeds from the big box stores, and tomato seeds from

  3. What a beautiful picture! Even though your winter is nice, it must be nice to see full season changes. We may get cold, but we rarely get the snow.

    I love Johnny's Seeds. I order the majority of my things from there.

  4. How beautiful, Toni!! I'm sure it seems that spring is so far away, but it will be here soon. It helps me get through winter to focus on garden planning, seed ordering, and eventually seed planting.

    I am lucky to have some wonderful seed companies right here in Maine, This year I ordered most of my seeds from Pinetree Seeds. Johnny's Selected Seeds and FedCo are also great places to order from. I also pick up seeds from local garden centers and hardware and feed stores.

  5. Oh wow! That's so pretty. (It hardly ever snows here).

  6. I sound like a broken record, but that picture it beautiful.

  7. Hi Cheryl! Thanks! That picture was taken after a big fog which resulted in hoarfrost. Everything was blanked in beautiful crystals!

  8. Wow, this is awesome Toni! I have not seen thick hoarfrost here since 2005. Winter can be so beautiful, especially when photographed from a warm vehicle :-)


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