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Friday, September 24, 2010

How does a grasshopper eat a watermelon?


So, how does a grasshopper eat a watermelon?

One bite at a time...

Luckily they ate the smallest one and I have 3 more!
I'm going to harvest the seeds from what's left!


  1. Oh, i'd have to create hell on earth for those grasshoppers!

  2. I know EG!!!! How should I go about doing that?
    I'm still thinking chickens... a pen... all around my garden!

  3. Saw the title of your post and had to pop over and get the answer to this one. :) I would NOT have guessed that grasshoppers could gobble the melons!

  4. Toni-My last cabbage had been safely under a row cover for about 4 weeks. I'd been trying to protect it. No way --darn buggers still got in there and chewed half the thing away. I salvaged about half of it. They were bad this year! I've covered my chard to keep them from thinking it's the last edible thing around. I think the GHs have left Cheyenne pretty much, hope the have left the Big Horns too.

  5. Wow! They really went to town on that watermelon.


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