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Monday, July 13, 2009

Out with the sad potato plants...

My very sad Yukon Gold potato box
Out with the "near death" potato plants!
Many of my potato plants died... or were near death. It made me so sad to look at them.

So, I made the executive decision to remove the "near death" plants and harvest the baby potatoes that they produced. Yummy!!!!

I was surprised to see how many baby potatoes lay beneath those sad plants! There's enough for a couple meals... I'm thinking roasted baby potatoes to go with my beef roast for tonight!

Steps Taken...
I added compost and extra soil throughout the potato box in hopes that my remaining somewhat healthy plants will thrive and produce good sized potatoes!


  1. That does suck that you lost some of your potatoes. Maybe it was all the rain you had.

  2. Dan-That's what I was thinking! Too much rain!

  3. I'm so sorry those potatoes didn't fruition for you. You've got to try again next year!

  4. Well, glad to hear that you got lots of babies. When I have a crop "fail," I usually suggest that I'm growing gourmet baby plants, not stunted losers.

  5. Ribbit-yes, I will for sure!

    Stefaneener-when I read your comment, I felt sooo much better! I am growing gourmet baby yukon golds... there...

    I made some of my gourmet golds tonight. Decided to roast them. Oh my were they fantastic!

  6. It's great that you did end up with some taters. Are you planting something else in their spot?

  7. Hi Sue-I still have some healthy plants in that box... but do have room to plant something else. Not sure what yet! I love SFG!!! Don't you?

  8. Hi, Toni:
    My bed potatoes were looking pretty bad. The bugs had almost defoliated them. This morning I put them out of their misery too. I was surprised to see a few potatoes too. I'm still holding out hope for the container potatoes.

  9. Hi Toni,
    Do you know what killed off your plants? I would have thought that too much rain wouldn't matter so much because of good drainage with SFG. I was mostly wondering if you could tell if they got blight? They also look a little chlorotic (sp) or yellow in the photo, is that accurate?
    Well, anyway, I'm curious how it goes in the SFG and wondering what happens when good plants go bad. :-) I, too, am very happy to know you got some delicious new potatoes for your effort!! Nothing like it is there?


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