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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Planted 4 squares of Little Gem Lettuce...

What a lovely night!  Spent a little time out in the garden tonight watering, pulling weeds, and admiring my budding seedlings!

Decided to plant 4 squares of Little Gem Lettuce in one of my 4x4 beds.  I planted 4 seeds per square which will give me 16 petite heads just perfect for a 1... maybe 2 person salad!


  1. I hope your Little Gem germinates better than mine! I only had 3 of 10 sprout for me, so I bought brand new seed and tried it again and got six of ten to germinate. I haven't heard of anyone else with such poor luck with it though.

  2. Salad for two? Hmmmmmm! Let me know what time you're serving? Oh, I guess you have to wait until Little Gem grows.

    There's a delightful early morning gentle rain going on out my window. I'm working at the Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair later today, so I hope the sun comes out.


  3. Hi Granny. Will let you know! Gosh... I only put one little seed in each hole. Guess that I was being overly optimistic!

  4. I grew Little Gem this year. It was delicious, but even smaller than I expected. I ended up transplanting mine to 6 or 9 per square foot. I already had to pull it out due to the hot weather.

  5. Come on over Donna! Sounds like a fun day for you! Enjoy the fair!

  6. Hi, Toni:

    I'm kind of a lettuce fiend. I've direct seeded and started the seeds indoors in so many different containers. I don't even try to fool myself that I can evenly space one of those tiny, tiny seeds, so I'll broadcast them. Even then they'll come in too thick. I planted out a whole bed with transplants from a strawberry container. You might want to try starting some in a smaller container and then using the transplants. This way you'll be sure to have your four plants to a square.

  7. That's one of my favorite sizes of romaine. I love the petite heads and the flavor is good.


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