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Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring, Spring... where for art thou?

A big WELCOME to Gardeness from Garden Muse! Thanks for following my blog!

No, haven't died... yet! Still here! Honestly... been so very busy finishing my house. Really really want to be done before the summer!

Want to give a big THANK YOU to for sending me 10 packets of seeds to try! Included in my bounty...
-Tomato, Yellow Pear (yumm)
-Carrot, Purple Haze Hybrid (Yeah... been wanting to try purple carrots!)
-Lettuce, Gourmet Mix (Sigh... fresh lettuce... can't wait!!!)
-Wildflower Mix, Elite (all wildflowers are OK in my book!)
-Shasta Daisy, Alaska (one of my favorites!)
-Broccoli, Waltham
-Cilantro, Slow Bolt
-Casaba Melon, Golden Beauty
-Snapdragon, Giant Tetra Mix (you should see how tiny these buggers are!)
-Four O'Clocks, Marvel of Peru (flowers... I love flowers!)

Thank You Home Town Seeds! And best wishes as you grow your business!

Farmer's Market in Deaver!
I popped into a new local gas station/on the go snacks shop today in Deaver, Wy. The owner was very nice! I stopped to look at her community board and we got to talking...

She's going to sponsor a Farmer's Market this summer and invited me to join in! Fun!!!
I may just give that a try!


  1. Shakespeare couldn't have said it better. I'll give a pound of...well, I'll take a pound less of cucumbers for an early spring.

  2. We've been teased by mother nature lately here in Maine. None of the large eastern snowstorms reached us and most of snow we did have has melted. I can almost see the soil in the gardens. The temperatures have been warm too for this time of year. It truly feels like spring. Reality will hit soon as we are expecting two snow storms this week.

  3. Gosh, I know the house is a big job, but it'll be finished before long. I think you'll enjoy selling at the farmer's market, and you'll definitely have plenty of stuff to sell.

  4. REally?! Oooo - that's exciting!
    PS: I grew the purple haze last year, they were great!

  5. Hi;
    Popped over to say hello and thank you for the kind comments on my blog. What a great collection of veggies! Looks like you're set for a fun summer. Happy Gardening. - kate

  6. That farmer's market sounds like fun! I just sowed snapdragon seeds. I think it's crazy that they want light to germinate but apparently that's it. Tiny little things.


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