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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomato Blossoms!

Welcome to Just Jenn, Dan, and Cynthia! Thanks for following my blog!

Garden photos taken by my son Aaron (age 11). Do you see the blossom on the tomato plant in the middle? Yeah!

Finally finished filling my last 4x8 box the other day thanks to the help from my 15 year old son, Matthew! I mixed... he filled...
Now... I want another 4x4 for the Japanese hull-less popping corn! I'd better get right after it because this corn takes 83 days to mature... that would be the END of August! Wow... Bought the 2x6 lumber today! Will need more Vermiculite... I think...

So.. in my new 4x8 box, Aaron (my 11 year old) and I planted:
-4 sweet yellow banana peppers plants (cause you have to buy them in a 4-pack...)
-4 jalapeno plants (Matthew, my 15 year old actually wanted Habanero Peppers, but they were all sold out)
-2 more squares of Radishes
-2 more squares of beets (can't wait for beet greens!)
-2 more squares of baby Romaine
-2 squares of Mesclun lettuce Mix (love this stuff!)

Aaron has surgery tomorrow... so I'll call this a GREAT DAY and sign off for now!


  1. Your tomatoes are looking very happy. Hope all goes well with the surgery. I think I will follow your blog as well and you will be my first. I have never do it before.

  2. Hi Dan! Thanks joining my blog as a follower!

    I just love your photography! Do you do it professionally?

    Thanks for your well wishes for Aaron! Will be good to have this behind us... and on to recovery... again! Prayers welcome!

  3. Sending good wishes to Aaron on his surgery. Hope all goes well and he has a speedy recovery. The garden is coming along nicely. I bet you will be glad when you are done with the bed construction/filling process!

  4. Aw daughter has screws in her ankle, too - and bothers her when she does too much walking. Hope everything goes well!

  5. Hi kitsapFG, thank you for sending your good wishes! We got them! YES, I will be so happy to be "done" with the construction/filling process... hmmm.. I have 2 teenagers sitting around here today... I have a project for them to do... build me 1 more 4x4 box for my popping corn!!! LOL!

    EG, will they remove the screws? I'm sorry to hear that they bother her when she walks alot. I decided that Aaron should have his removed... the doctor said that we could go either way.

  6. I hope Aaron's surgery goes well :)

    Your garden is looking good! All my plants are about that size and I'm getting so impatient with everything! I need a fast forward button in my garden haha

  7. Hi Cynthia!

    Thank you, Aaron's surgery did go well. He's up and about.

    I had a friend come to see my garden today in the morning. When I went out later in the afternoon... I couldn't believe it... but I swear that my peas grew at least 3 inches!

    We've had a cloudy, cool, rainy streak... today... beautiful sunshine and warmer!

  8. Toni,

    I'm glad all went well :)

    You're lucky ur getting rain! I live by Seattle and it hasn't rained in weeks! What is going on? :(

  9. Your garden is looking real good. Our tomatoe plants are healthy and green and look lovely, however, all the flowers are empty. Not a tomatoe in sight. This is the first time I ran into this problem. Any ideas. Thanks.


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