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Monday, August 2, 2010

Royal Burgundy Beans... and Orange Tomatoes...

Royal Burgundy Beans...
I'm beginning to harvest my Royal Burgundy Beans!!!  They are so pretty!!!! I LOVE the color of these beans!  After I pick some more this afternoon, I will have enough beans for supper tonight!

Tomato Update...
As I was watering my garden this morning... admiring the growth of my 90 tomato plants.. I was amazed to see how many new flowers have blossomed over the weekend!  Looks like I'm going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year!

I have a new favorite eating tomato... it's called Sweet Tangerine!  Oh my gosh, the flavor is just divine... sweet and mild... I sure want to grow lots more of these plants next year!

Sorry... don't have a picture (they got eaten really fast... hee hee...) but they are beautiful Orange tomatoes!

I had some friends over for lunch recently and put some of these Sweet Tangerine orange tomatoes in my salad.  I took a bite and was like... OH MY GOSH... did you get some of the orange tomatoes in your salad????  They're fantastic!


  1. Exciting! Those are gorgeous beans. What happens if you let them mature and dry? If you try it, I would love to trade bean seeds. If ours mature...

    Is the name of that tomato simply 'Orange'? I'd like to try it.

  2. Thanks Peg! They taste good too!

    The variety of Orange tomato is called Sweet Tangerine. My post has a clickable link that gives you more information on them.

  3. Yummy looking, Toni! 90 plants is sure a lot of tomatoes! Get that canner ready.

  4. Wow, those are pretty beans. Oh my, 90 tomato plants! You'll be harvesting a lot soon! Delicious.

  5. I'm a container gardener. I only dream of having lots of tomato plants. Congratulations on that number!

  6. Thanks Martha! I plant a lot because I can a year's supply of sauce for my family. We love homemade pizza...

  7. Hi Toni
    Do those beans stay that color after cooking? They're beautiful!

  8. Love the beans but you have to give us a photo of that tomato someday. I love all the different colors in tomatoes.

  9. I am growing the purple podded beans this year too but mine are just setting the beans so I am about 10 days to two weeks behind you (which is late for us this year due to the cool summer we are having). I am excited to try them as the plants are certainly hardy and quite beautiful. If the beans are half way decent tasting they will be a winner in my books.

    Interesting about the tangerine tomato - I never venture into the green, yellow, and otherwise oddly colored tomatoes and I really should.

  10. I was looking at your 7-15 picture. You garden has really taken off.



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