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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh oh... pulled 2 more tomato plants & a seed treasure...

Not sure what's happening... pulled 2 more sickly tomato plants!  I think that they were Yellow Stuffers.

Any ideas? I think that this is the same variety as the 2 plants that I pulled last week.

On the upside... my cucumber plants are loaded with flowers!  Can't wait to taste our very first garden cucumber!

During breakfast, I was looking thru that old box (1993, 1994) of seeds that my husband found while unpacking... and I found a TREASURE!!!

This is an envelope of Dr. Red Columbine seeds that my grandmother mailed to me!  I wish that it was dated!!!  I'm sure it is from around 1993.

My grandmother (born in 1920) always had a beautiful flower garden!

I have such sweet memories of summers at her home in Woodland Maine.  She would have us collect the poppy seed pods.  She had so many beautiful flowers... pansies and snap dragons... poppies... marigolds.

And she had a bunch of Blueberry bushes... we so enjoyed eating those blueberries!!!!

My grandmother is now in a nursing home.  Sadly, she has Alzheimer's disease.  So this envelope is just precious to me!!!

I so hope that these seeds germinate when I plant them!!!!


  1. It's great that you have that gardening heritage. What a treasure indeed.

  2. One of my interests for having a garden is to select the seeds from exactly the plants that are thriving in my microclimate, namely my porch. I guess that tomato is not going to make the grade in your yard! Sad, esp after all the love (and space!) you've given it.

  3. Uh oh-looks like you've got blight!
    I just read several articles on how the problem is starting to rear its ugly head in a lot of places.
    Read up on it-compare pics! If it is, you'll want to burn or bag and dispose of them right away. Don't put it in your compost!!!
    Hope this helps

  4. Hi Sue-just talked to my county extension person. He didn't think it was blight because of the lack of sores on the stems.

  5. I hope your seeds germinate for you. It would be such a treasure if you could get them to germinate and save the seed every year.

  6. Nice treasure on the seeds! Check out this website for common plant diseases.

  7. Thank you meemsnyc for the link! I will take a look!

    Daphne... I sure hope they do!

  8. I have had no personal experience with this new tomato blight but I read that it decimated the tomatoes on the east coast last year. Your problem could be that. If you google tomato blight I am sure you will find scads written about it. I do hope it is something else.

  9. Your grandma sounds like mine...they were even born in the same year. Mine gave me lots of gardening wisdom but, sadly, no seeds. I hope yours germinate for you.


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