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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm inspired by this homemade seed starting setup...

I'm dreaming about having a better seed starting operation... this looks good!


  1. Haven't seen you in a while, welcome back. I probably won't get to start seeds this year. I will have to buy plants again.

  2. Hi Kris! Thanks for your welcome! If I don't get on it... I'll be buying plants too!!!!

  3. You're back! Hooray!

    I use rope lights for bottom heat. I just attach them to my wire shelf with twist ties. Last year I coiled them in the bottom of an asparagus crate and set the flats on top of them, which worked even better. Everything germinates much quicker than without the bottom heat, and they are much less expensive than heat mats.

    1. Hi Granny! Have missed you! Well, your approach sure sounds a lot easier!

      Got some rope lights... I'd better get some seeds ordered!

      Still winter here in Wyoming! Got snow yesterday, but it's going to get up to the 40s this week hopefully!

  4. Toni, good to see you back blogging. Did you have any hoop house veggies this winter? It would have been a great year here in Nebraska to be hoop house growing as the temperatures have been mild all winter long. We've only had maybe two weeks of real winter conditions with single digit temperatures and snow. I'm just wondering how it will affect gardening this year.

    I too built a seed starting station which is nothing more than adjustable shelving. I have one heat mat which will do for this year. I'll have to see if the rope lights are availible somewhere when I need to expand. I'm just starting small until I get the hang of seed starting. I'm sure there will be many modifications before I learn the process. I have already learned that quality of seed makes a big difference. No more big box store seed for me.

    Hope to hear from you a little more often. :0)

    Have a great Wyoming nearly Spring day.


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