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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Garden clean up...

I'm so missing my garden!!!! The weather has been so nice for the past few weeks. But prior to that we had some really cold winter weather! It's a beautiful autumn day here in Wyoming. The mountains are so pretty all capped in white!!!

I started garden clean up a bit yesterday. Will do clean up a little bit each day.

The darn cats have been doing their do-do in my boxes!!!! Any suggestions for that are welcome...

For those of you, my dear gardening friends... who have SFGs. What will you do with your boxes during the winter months? I'll have to dig out Mel's book to see what he says about the winter months.

We have gusty winds here sometimes... and my soil literally blows away. Well... I'm thinking on what to do with my precious boxes....

I'm also thinking about stocking up on Vermiculite during these winter months so that I don't have to buy it in the spring all at once... at $25/bag... it gets pretty pricey!

My little Canon PowerShot S400 quit working right... it wouldn't focus anymore... So I sent it back to Canon to be fixed. Can't wait to get it back so that I can post more photos for you!

Well off I go... got to get some stuff done!


  1. I miss the garden too, I miss the hour of fiddleling about in the greenhouse, I miss the moist and warm air of the greenhouse, I miss....In a few months Toni we can start our growing season 2010!!! xoxo Tyra

  2. Since it's prone to blow away, what about covering the boxes and tacking down some tarp or screening, or plant a cover crop.

  3. Toni - I just keep the weeds pulled throughout the winter months - that's it. The fact that your soil will blow away in high winds has me quite puzzled.....Mine would never do that. Maybe you should drench your beds really well with a garden hose....

  4. Hi EG- I think that it's because it's so dry out here.

  5. Toni, I lay a THICK mulch of grass/leaves on top and soak it really good.
    I have the dryness here too, and if I can get mulch to "freeze" on, it works great.

  6. 1/2" hardware cloth would discourage the cats -- but you're going to have to cover that soil to keep it. It's a very light mix, and it's dry and you have extreme weather. Why not lay down a thick layer of some nice mulch and then throw boards or something on top of it? Construction debris. . .

  7. Hi Stefaneener! YES.. thick layer of mulch... and construction debris... love it! Thanks for your suggestions!

  8. I've heard from great gardeners that they cover rows with cardboard. I was thinking I would try it on my beds. A few boulders might make it just the thing against your fierce winds...

  9. I really need to get to garden clean up as well. Seems easy to put off this time of year.

    The link to how I built the poly tunnel is below. I just made a 2x4 frame for the bottom and made the roof out of 2x2's with 22.5 degree cuts to form the arch. Really easy to put together if you have a miter saw. You must have one of them around with your home building project.

  10. Hi Dan! I love your poly tunnel! Thanks for the link... I think that I remember it from way back.

    I'm just back in from the garden... doing clean up!


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