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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ducks and the Blooming Garden....

Thought I'd share this ducky video with you!  
My Muscovy Ducks having breakfast.  They are 8 weeks old.

The Peppers have been really enjoying the heat... look at these banana peppers!

My beautiful Kale is being eaten...

Radishes... my husband's favorite!


  1. Love the film! How fuzzy they all look!

  2. Hi Ribbit! I've been thinking about your comment that you wanted to see a video of the ducks... so that video was for you! The ducks are more feathers than fuzz at this point.

    They will be full grown in less than 2 weeks. Hard to believe!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Very nice! Are the ducks taking care of the grasshoppers for ya?

  4. Your babies are growing up so fast!

  5. Hi EG! The ducks are doing a great job eating up the grasshoppers. They eat them all over our property... then once or twice a day I let a few of them in my fenced off garden. I'll tell you... I LOVE watching them gobble the hoppers up!!!!

    Hey GrafixMuse and KitsapFG... I'm amazed at how fast they grew too! At 10 weeks they are full grown... mine are almost 9 weeks!

  6. Ooh, cute ducks. I love the different types of radishes. Is the middle one a daikon?


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