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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Potatoes, some thoughts about growing...

So this year I really want to grow potatoes!

Maybe a couple different varieties including Yukon Gold, Red... it would be cool to do a purple variety too!

I saw that Lowes had these cool Potato Growing Bags with a velcro flap at the bottom for harvesting!

After watching this video on How to Grow Potatoes, I got to thinking about the Feed Bags that I've been saving.  You know... the bags that the Cat Food/Duck Feed come in... they're made of kind of a poly fiber mesh.

Why not use these Feed Bags to grow potatoes!  It solves my garden space shortage dilemma...  I'm thinking that I may give this a try, that is, if my hubby hasn't thrown out my bag collection!!!!


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  2. Cant wait to see! I'm your newest follower! Wish you had a subscription button so that I can get your post in my email. Come on over to my bog and check out what I am doing this planting season. Fun, fun!!


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