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Monday, March 5, 2012

Slowly clearing out garden beds...

I broke my shoulder last October when it was time to clear out my garden beds... so here it is almost Spring... and I'm finally feeling up to the task.  Yes, I'm getting to it!!!

Spring seems to have sprung (at least for now!) in Northern Wyoming!  Our days are lengthening and the sun feels warmer!

So, I only have 4 raised beds left to clear out!!!  When I'm done with that, I'll start mixing filling the beds back up with more soil mixture.

Oh!!!  I'm trying something new in my soil mix this year!!!  Coconut Fibers!!!  I bought a big bale of it at the Home & Garden show this weekend.  It's going to help retain moisture in my beds!


  1. last year you had a problem w/ winds blowing away your soil mix. Was that just the vermiculite? Have you figured out anything about that?

    Today we had a lot of wind, pretty strong, but the straw from last season stayed put. I'm not sure how it does that! I'm glad because the compost and other parts of our soil are rather valuable!

    Anyway, the coconut fiber we used last year has created wonderful soil. We mixed it with compost we made with kitchen scraps over the winter before and now it is wonderful light mix that grows lots of veggies!

  2. Sorry about your shoulder...sounds very painful. Good to hear your outside working in the garden again.

  3. Oh yes... the wind! We added a lot of compost on top of our soil mixture last summer and that has helped to keep it IN THE BOX!

    Great feedback on using the coconut fiber!!! It gets so dry/hot here in late July on into August that it's difficult to keep enough moisture in the soil! Hoping that the coconut fiber will do the trick!


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