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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tomato Plants, Ducks, and Grasshoppers...

Bought a nice assortment of tomato plants at the greenhouse including Amish Paste, Orange Wellington, Margherita, and Sun Gold (4 of each).

I planted this yummy variety in one of my 4x4 beds.

Because the nights have been on the cool side here in northern Wyoming, I covered my 4x4 Tomato bed with plastic, creating a mini greenhouse.
Tomato greenhouse over my 4x4 SFG

I got 8 Khaki Campbell ducklings!!!   They are the cutest little guys!!!!   Their fur takes on a yellowish glow in the sunlight.  They have more than doubled in size and are about 2 weeks old now.

After struggling to find a box big enough to keep them in over night, I decided to keep them in their enclosure outside for the night.  I took apart my brand new seed starting system that came with a heat mat... and placed it in an old cooler which I set on it's side.  Then covered the whole straw bale enclosure with a heavy blanket.

This morning my ducklings were all snuggled inside their heated cooler container!

Khaki Campbell ducklings, 2 weeks old
Khaki Campbell ducklings

Khaki Campbell ducklings, 2 weeks old

I am finding grasshopper nymphs around all ready!!!!  GRASSHOPPERS... it's going to be another bad year here in northern Wyoming!!!

Grasshoppers are the whole reason why I got ducks last Spring!!!  PS... My Muscovy Ducks will have ducklings soon!

Ducks are my organic solution to grasshoppers.  Out here... you've got to do something... or they will eat everything!!!!


  1. My mom used the same solution to grasshoppers. She live in Colorado. She had the ducks and geese along one edge of the garden and the turkeys along two of them. If only she had the last side covered.

  2. Do the ducks leave your crops alone? Sounds great.

  3. Hi Stefaneener!

    They love to eat tender greens... so I have to watch them in the garden!

    But just having them roam around the property cuts down on hoppers, significantly!

  4. The ducklings are so cute! I am sure they will quickly be eating up those pesky grasshoppers.


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