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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Khaki Campbell ducklings less than a week old

Getting bigger!

I dropped by the co-op for their customer appreciation day while passing through town last week.  Lots of folks were looking at the baby chicks and ducklings.

Before I knew what was happening... I was handed a "take home" box and began filling it with all the Khaki Campbell ducklings, all 8 of them.

Then I found myself at the checkout...

I guess that I couldn't help myself!  LOL!


  1. I had to talk our kid out of ducklings yesterday. No water. No time.

  2. Oh they look so adorable!!! Very hard to resist :)

  3. Hi Stefaneener! Aw... but they're so much fun! We have a kiddy pool. Hoping to install a pond at some point.

  4. My main reason for having ducks is to organically control the garden devouring grasshoppers!


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