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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Square Foot Garden & Duck Update 6/28/12

The garden is looking good!  I've been mulching with untreated grass clippings and that seems to help retain moisture.  It's so dry here in northern Wyoming!  I have to water often!!!

We bought a a dripline irrigation starter kit by Rain Bird recently, but haven't had a chance to install it.

My Khaki Campbell ducks are 2 months old now!  They're getting pretty big!  The 8 of them run around in a group.   Near the end of August, they should begin laying eggs!

My 2 Muscovy Hens are setting.  I expect little fluff balls in about 2 weeks!  This will be their 2nd clutch.  I understand that they lay about 3 clutches a year.  Here's a picture of Mama Black Hen on her first clutch.


  1. Looking good, Toni! Go look at my blog header to see how pretty the hollyhocks are that you sent me. Probably tomorrow I'll have another picture that shows light pink, dark pink and peach....I also have a very dark red in another bunch. Here you thought you only sent me pink and white! I didn't end up with any white, but I love the ones I have.

  2. Watering can really be a challenge. Mulch sounds like a great idea. Nice fowl!

  3. Look at how big your ducks got! I just moved so I'm living vicariously through everyone else's gardens hehe

  4. Been a while since I have check in to your blog and I am amazed at how grown up the ducks are (see I told you it has been a while! LOL!). Are you getting a heat wave in your area like so much of the country? We seem to be in the one area of "cooler than normal" in the entire united states.

  5. It has been really dry here as well, since last fall really. Your garden is looking great and I love the ducks.


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