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Monday, July 7, 2014

Potatoes in Feed Bags

I had a few empty feed bags hanging around... so I decided that I'd try growing potatoes in them!


  1. Toni, good to see another blog post. It's been awhile for you. I see you haven't lost your creative thinking skills for repurposing what's laying around. My potato experiment with multilayers was some what of a success and would have been a much better one if only I had protected my seed potatoes a little better. I did get two layers planted but the rest of the seed potatoes rotted in the bucket. I had a lid on it but the super wet weather leaked water in the bucket and filled it half full. The 90 degree weather turn most of them into a stinking mess. I managed to salvage enough for a second layer but the rest went in the compost pile. Even if they had not spoiled I would not have had enough to plant the four layers that I really wanted to plant. Lessons learned will make more of a success next year.

    Have a great feed bag potato growing day.

  2. Great use of space Toni. Hope the season is going well.


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