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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Brilliant Irrigation!

A friend posted a link for this site on Facebook... What grabbed my attention was the brilliant irrigation system!

We live in the high desert of northern Wyoming where garden irrigation is a challenge.  I've been struggling with it for years!  I love square foot gardening... but my boxes tend to dry out rather quickly.

I just had to share this brilliant system with you!  We've got to give it a try this coming season!


  1. Toni, hey, where you been. Really cool idea for watering a square foot garden. Mine is a little more extensive and requires much more time to set up and take down in the Spring and fall. Once it's operating, I don't have to touch it at all. The rain water catch system supplies the 400 gallon tank and the automated gravity feed watering system will water the plants as they need it. Last summer after the set up, it functioned beautifully all summer long without intervention. This year I'll expand it to more raised beds. I'm not a by the book square foot gardener but have my own planting system that works for me. Using the square foot method requires a lot more watering and supplemental feeding than I really wanted to do.

    Have a great Wyoming garden planning day.

  2. Hi David! I got sucked into FaceBook! But I'm back to blogging again! Thanks for NOT giving up on me!


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