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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

24 degrees below zero...

We have a dusting of snow on the ground that will probably stay with us throughout the winter months... or it might just blow away...

I'm reporting to you from the frigid weather of northern Wyoming where it was -24 this morning and now... mid-morning... has warmed up to a balmy -10 degrees... yes... farenheit!

Very very cold! Ususally we have this weather for about 2 weeks mid-January.

If I were blessed to have a greenhouse... it would most definitely need to be heated!!!

Well, Christmas carrols are playing on the radio... the geothermal heating system is wonderfully sucking warmth from the ground (6-7 feet down!)... and the house is cozy while I tape wallbaord seams... and mud screw holes!


  1. Oh, no. No, no no. . . Even with a geothermal system, I don't think it's for me. But I bet your house is better made for the cold than mine!

    Enjoy your taping and mudding! Keep warm and cozy.

  2. Thanks Stefaneener! Yes, we built it with the cold -30 weather spells in mind! Stay warm!!!

  3. Well last night we had some rain then it snowed about six inches. Now it is rain again. I hate shoveling the snow in the rain. Ick. Tonight it will turn to ice. I need to put my jacket in the dryer.

    At least in my youth I liked the cold better then the ice storms we get here, but now I'm happy not to be living in zone 4 anymore. Even with the rain, I'll take zone 6.

  4. Oh my word! Stay warm. My husband fantasizes about a geothermal system. Would love to hear more...

  5. I am not the best at fahrenheit so I had to look it up, that's -31c, very cold indeed. We usually get that cold for a few days each winter. But like you said that is usually in Jan/Feb. We have been quite lucky so far in southern ontario, we have only had a dusting of snow and temps around freezing. Lots of rain though so it is not all sunshine. Stay warm, that kind of weather warrants a stiff drink!

  6. Dang...that's just awful! Me and ol' Jude wouldn't be able to build anything out in that weather.....Stay warm!

  7. That's just not right. Just not right.

  8. Holy smokes and I thought it was cold here in New England when it get to 5 below zero.

  9. And we here in FL think the low 30s are cold...I used to work with racehorses in MA,VT and NY...outside everyday no matter the weather. Each had to be jogged for at least half an hour. Fingers and toes froze..Pownell VT the windchill could be 30 below. I loved it..but cant figure out why..LOL I would love to live in WY..MT but I'll never get my husband near snow again. I enjoy your blog.


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