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Friday, December 11, 2009

Giving Jelly as Christmas Gifts

I've started giving away Jelly as Christmas Gifts. Homemade Jelly makes such a great gift... and everyone loves it!!!!

That's why I make bunches and bunches of it every year!

I still have a big box of apples in cold storage. They'll keep for a while, so... unless I run out of Jelly to share... I'll wait to process them into apple jelly & apple sauce until January.

Over on Dan's Urban Garden Veggie Blog, he posted some yummy apple cider/apple jelly recipes... Go check them out if you have apples still left to process.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah dear Gardening Friends!

On a sentimenal note...
I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your gardening blogs... learning from your experiences... sharing the joys... and sometimes frustration of gardening! Thank you for the time that you put into your blog and... for stopping by my blog too!


  1. We do the same. Jam, jam for all! I wish I'd made more beautiful labels!

    It has been a great community to join. Thanks for your part in it.

  2. Happy Holidays, Toni! I'm planning on giving a lot of the jam I'm making for the students on Monday for gifts this year as well!

  3. Ribbit... that's so cool! All of your students are getting homemade jam? I bet most of them have only had store bought jam/jelly!

  4. Your jelly looks great, nice and clear. Thanks for the linky!

  5. Toni, the best gifts..from the heart and kitchen! How's your weather lately? Baby, it's cold here! Have a wonderful and blessed holiday, Toni!

  6. Hi Lynn! I totally agree with you! The best gifts are from the heart & kitchen!

    We're just coming out of a deep freeze with temps as shivery as -24! Now will be in the 20's at night and 40s during the day. Yeah!

  7. Nice jelly! I always make jam because I don't want to spend that much effort getting it that clear - yours is crystal!

    I also love the picture of your sqft garden! Looks very organized.

  8. Hi Sylvana!

    My secret weapon to clear jelly is a.... Steam Juicer!

    It's so easy to make jelly when you use a steam juicer to get the juice from your fruit!


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