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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby it's cold outside....

Yesterday I walked outside to get the truck started and commented to my son... it's not that cold out today... kind of warm.

When we got into the truck I happened to notice that the temperature readout said 0! Yes ZERO!

Now... that's pretty bad when ZERO feels balmy!

We're just coming out of a cold weather streak of below zero temperatures... going to be in the 40's the next couple days... shoot... we'll be out in sweatshirts!

Hope that you're keeping warm!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


  1. That's just not right. It's inhumane. How can you stand it!?

  2. We don't get so cold here in Michigan because of the lakes surrounding us and keeping us warm. It was 10 here!! Bring on the suntan oil!

  3. Every time I think I'm cold here in New England I see a post of yours that says it's even colder where you live... Hope you stay nice and warm inside and dream of spring!

  4. Hi Ribbit! The good thing is that the subzero temps don't stay for very long... we usually have a good 2 week snap of subzero weather then go back up to teens to 30's or so.

    Honestly... the winter weather in MA bothered me more... that damp cold goes right thru you... we have a dry cold here that sneaks up on you.

    Hi Sue! You'll probably be getting this warmer (30's) weather heading your way in a few days.

    Hey Ellie Mae's Cottage... you're in Maine right? My Dad is from there... all I remember is SNOW...SNOW...SNOW!!! It's so pretty there! Love the coast especially! Yup... dreaming of spring! Got my very first seed catalog yesterday!


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