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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fried Rice with garden veggies

Fried Rice with Garden Veggies

I had some left over rice from the other night... so decided to make fried rice.
From the garden:
Tomatoes, chopped
Swiss Chard cut in little pieces
Carrot slivers
Yellow Banana Pepper, chopped
Onion, chopped

Not from the garden
Corn... sadly...

How to make it:
Heat up some oil.
Add onions & fresh garlic if you have some on hand
Add whatever garden veggies you want... or add left over veggies... or frozen veggies
Add leftover cooked meat
Cook until tender

Add your cooked rice... add salt, pepper... and some soy sauce to taste.

If you want, add fried egg... I do this in the same pan. I just make a place in the center of the pan and fry up the egg then mix it in.


I sure do love having my garden out front! Makes it so handy for grabbing this and that to add to dinner!


  1. I really like eating fried rice, especially with eggs in it. It's very frugal to combine leftovers with new things for a brand new entree, as you have done.

  2. I always forget to do this with leftover. Must be the season -- we had rice and garden veggies today too but Thai-style!

    Isn't it a good feeling?

  3. Looks good! I do this a lot as it is easy to take to work for lunch. It may sound strange, but also add a little bit of ketchup when I add the soy sauce.

  4. Yummy! I love fried rice but never have made it at home. I'll have to try it.

    Thanks so much for leaving such a kind comment on my blog regarding my father-in-laws passing. So sorry to hear that you and hubby experienced the same thing this year. It's not easy....

  5. Stefaneener-how do you make it Thai style? Could you post your recipe or email it to me at

  6. This sounds so yummy. I enjoy your blog, you have given me some good ideas. Thanks!
    Sunny :)

  7. That reminds me that I haven't made fried rice in ages. I love the stuff, but somehow over the summer it never got made. Maybe tonight. I always have rice in my freezer. I make big batches when I cook it then just steam it up again in the microwave.

  8. That sounds so good. I just discovered your blog today and will definitely be a regular.

  9. Well HI Must be in the Dirt! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'll stop by your blog right now!


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