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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another batch of tomato sauce!

Hi Gardening friends!

Sorry that I haven't been around for a bit!

We moved into our new home, but didn't have a bathroom done yet... so I worked like crazy to get a bathroom done... then I had a severe allergy to something... probably stress related... and of course the medication has just about knocked me out!

I'm way way better now! Oh my gosh did I look like a monster for a while... one big hivey swollen monster!

Remember those buckets of tomatoes that I harvested before the last severe frost?

Well, they've been waiting patiently for me to process them!

So today, I'm making a big batch of sauce. It's simmering right now. I'll have to take it off the burner soon. Tomorrow I'm going to make manicotti and meatballs for dinner! I may even be inspired to make some homemade bread to go with it... well... we'll see!

The extra sauce will be canned tomorrow... it needs to simmer a bit longer... but it's getting late... and 5:50 am comes really fast!!!

Can you believe that I still have 2 buckets of ripe tomatoes left? Hoping to make those into salsa! Note to myself... PICK UP CILANTRO!

It snowed today... and it was freezing out there! We had a very short fall here and an early freeze... the beet farmers are having a terrible time with the cold weather...

So now... I'm dreaming of next year's garden... but... I still have to clear out my beds... sigh... it's been a busy.. .busy... busy couple weeks!

Hey, thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Toni, you're so impressive! Be careful with that allergy stuff! It sounds severe. Focaccia is a really fast Italian bread that goes well with pasta and feels to me like less of a commitment than many breads. Enjoy your sauce and salsa.

  2. Hi Stefaneer! Thanks for your kind words! Yes... my allergy attack was kind of scary! My mother made me go to the doctor!

    I've never made Focaccia! Will need to do some googling...

  3. I've got my Toni fix. Glad you've finally made it into the house!

  4. Thank you Ribbit! I've got a big smile on my face!

  5. Oh, hugs from here, Toni! I'm so sorry about the allergies. But a tomato sauce...YAY! Love from Maine...

  6. Hi June! Thank you for your kinds words. The allergy thing was awful!!! But I'm just about healed up now! Ya!

    Ok! Time to make and cook my manicotti!


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