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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Picked buckets of tomatoes yesterday

Cold has set in. It's a bright sunny, breezy day here with temps in the 40s.

In the Big Horn Basin of northern Wyoming, we are surrounded by snow capped mountain ranges all around. Beautiful...

But... now... I am at the end of my garden time...

All the tomatoes have been picked. I have buckets of them ready to process!

The peas are enjoying the cold, as well as the lettuce, cabbage, swiss chard... and the radishes seem OK. I have some carrots still in the bed... but that's it now!


I'm trying to decide if I want to clear out the tomato plants or leave them to help protect the soil from the winter winds...

On my wish list... a green house!


  1. Our tomatoes had a blight and rotted on the vines. It seemed to be a problem in this area this summer and tomato prices went up quite a bit.
    Sunny :)

  2. Buckets? Gosh, that must be alot! I bet you're happy to be in the new home, as it was a long ordeal, I imagine. A greenhouse would be a real handy thing to have in your climate. I'll start on mine soon....

  3. Hi EG! Please DO post about creating your greenhouse!

    Sunny-sorry to hear about your tomatoes... that blight was just awful!

  4. Buckets of tomatoes?! Yay! You are going to be busy, busy, busy getting these preserved. If you have freezer space, you can store them in big freezer bags until you are ready to use them. I usually blanch, peel and core them, but you can freeze them whole too.

    I suggest cleaning up the tomato plants as they can harbor pests, fungus, and diseases. I'm going to try seeding a cover crop to keep the weeds and grass from growing and add some nutrients to the soil. Winter rye is supposed to germinate as low as in the 30s. I bet this would work to keep your soil in place too.

  5. Yes, I was going to say cover crop, too. There are mixes formulated especially for winter.

    Enjoy those tomatoes!


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