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Friday, October 30, 2009

Canning tomato sauce

Today I finally got the extra sauce canned up from yesterday's Italian dinner of Manicotti & Meatballs!

So onto the shelf goes 3 more quarts and 2 half pints of Tomato Sauce!

We bought another one of those nice chrome metal shelf units from Costco to store all my canned goodies!

Now... on my list... deal with the rest of my tomatoes before they get all squishy... and get the boys bathroom mud work done!!! Sigh...

Tomatoes still left to process^
Tomato sauce & Jelly!


  1. Aren't those shelf units the best? So sturday, and not bad looking for the money either.
    Well, have fun with your tomatoes-at least you have some!

  2. You'd better be planning to eat spaghetti sauce once a week for the whole year!!!

  3. That is a lot of tomato sauce. I don't think my family could eat it all.

  4. Hi Sue-I know! We've got a growing collection of those Seville shelves.

    Ribbit-we love homemade lasagne, manicotti, pizza.... so we'll be using up that sauce!

    Hi Daphne! My supply will probably stretch into next year! Now... if I can only grow enough green beans... potatoes... carrots to fill my shelves with those cans... and my "to be purchased" freezer! You inspire me Daphne! I know that you've got lots of garden yummies in your freezer!

  5. Your shelves look so pretty with all the canning you have done! I remember how you had dreams of canning jars filling your pantry and you made it come true!

    We wouldn't have a problem using up all that tomato sauce either. Coming from Italian families, tomato sauce is a staple here :)

    If you have the freezer space, you can freeze the tomatoes whole in freezer bags until you have time to use them. I do this all the time. The skins slip off easily when they thaw out.

  6. Good work! I think that is a great amount of sauce to have on hand. Your garden is feeding your family very well.

  7. Holy mloy....that's alot of sauce! I only made 4 stinkin' jars....More tomato plants will be in order for next year...

  8. Really EG? Well, don't forget that I had 50 tomato plants! My main goal for the garden was TOMATO SAUCE!

    I didn't get even ONE cucumber.... : (

  9. Hi Just Jenn! I'm all stocked up for a while! Love looking at my pantry shelves!!! Wish that I had green beans & corn there though...


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