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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Last Garden tour for the 2009 growing season...

Welcome to Shaw Ann from Shawn Ann's Garden! Thanks for following my blog!

The 2009 gardening season is growing to a close... I have truly enjoyed my garden this year... my very first SFG!

I still have lots of tomatoes to process!
Pulled the last of my delicious carrots!

And the rest of my beets...
My fall peas are still producing. They taste so much better than my spring crop!
I also have a few cabbage heads to harvest...

Well, here's my last garden tour video for the 2009 growing season!


  1. Toni, do you have year-round plans, a la Coleman?

  2. Hi Stefaneener! Thanks for stopping by! I do have Coleman's book... I'm working on finishing up our new home over the next little while... but next year I'd like to get into fall/winter gardening! Oh how I'd love to have a greenhouse.... sigh... OK.. got to run and finish walls in the bathroom!

  3. Get out of town!!! Look at those carrots. I've never seen anything like that. My tops are huge and the carrot part is not even the width of a paperclip. I'm envious.

  4. Your tomato crop has done extremely well for you this season, congrats!

  5. Toni, the carrots turned out beautifully. I pulled mine today too......I was so glad I planted before we left. The hard freezes we had while gone didn't seem to affect them at all.

  6. Gosh, Toni...those carrots are perfect! I feel that your first year with the sfg was better than most people's. Good for you!

  7. Hi Sue! Thank you!

    Hey EG- thank you for you kind words... and compliment! I love SFG!

  8. I'm thinking about winter crops, too, over-wintering crops. I would love love love to eat out of our garden year round, without a greenhouse. Cold frames, straw, the right choice of varieties, lots of the veggies that taste better after they get nipped a bit - I can't wait! I'll have to read a lot more than I have, though.

    Of course we have a milder climate than you, in the Pacific Northwest. And maybe not enough heat to grow any tomatoes, like what happened last year: a bumper crop of green, firm, tasteless things.

    Your carrots are gorgeous!

  9. Thanks Peg. Tomatoes & Carrots were my best crops this year.
    I need to read Coleman's book too! Now... where amongst these boxes might it be?


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