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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No!!! Go Away WIND!

No!!! Go away WIND!!! Don't blow my soil and seeds away!

30 mph wind gusts....


  1. For a second there I though you were saying you had no wind (which I'm guessing may be rare there - it seems to be here...). I hope everything stays put. I thought today's wind was going to be worse than it was but I think the brunt of it was south of here.

  2. I think you need a comma, ala, "No, Wind!" Without it, you are saying there IS NO WIND.

  3. We were up to 23mph yesterday, but since it was raining out soil wasn't going anywhere. I hope it all survived.

  4. Hi Jimmycrackedcorn! Thanks for stopping by and helping me express myself better!!! It's all fixed now!

    Hey Daphne! Wow... that's pretty strong wind for you guys. Wish that we had rain at the same time!


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