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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I get to...

Ah... taxes done finally!

Today, I will reward myself by getting to play in the garden! I plan to plant: radishes, spinach, lettuce, onions, and carrots!

The sun is shining brightly here this morning! Oh how I love a sunshiny day! Just makes me smile! : )

Gardening friends... it's going to be so good to back in touch with you again! Hey, don't the day be too TAXING! LOL!


  1. Enjoy! There's nothing as therapeutic as playing in the dirt.

  2. Hey! I've missed you and can't wait to see how you do this second year.

    Did you change the name of your blog?

  3.'s about time you came back. Hehe....I know, you've been busy with the house. I can't wait to see your garden this year.

  4. lol Our taxes were done a couple of weeks ago by DH. I'm glad I don't have to do them. Playing in the dirt and sunshine is much more fun.

  5. Stefaneener, Ribbit, and EG!!! Hi! Thanks for coming by!!!!
    Ribbit, I did chg the name earlier, but have since changed it back.

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  7. Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This will be my 2nd year employing the SFG method of gardening! I'm loving it!

  8. Square Foot Gardening is the most productive, efficient, and easy way to garden. Not only does it use just 20% of the space a traditional row garden, it saves water, and time spent digging and weeding. For more information on Square Foot Gardening please visit the new web site Happy Gardening Everyone!
    PS check out the new forums on the website, SFG certified teachers and master gardeners, as well as many gardening enthusiasts, are online quite often to answer posts and questions on all topics.


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