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Thursday, April 29, 2010

There's ICE in the...

A GRAND welcome to goodgaby13! Thanks for following my garden blog!

Good morning Gardening Friends!

What a day yesterday! The wind blew and blew! Strong gusts blew my red gardening bucket, the heavy dog house, and my empty 30 gallon barrels all over the place!

In several of my planted squares of onions, a couple inches of soil was blown away...

The wind brought with it icy temperatures freezing the water in the bird bath... solid! Gosh, the forecast says there's a possibility for snow tomorrow! Well.... we'll see about that!

This wind is typical of our spring weather so it seems... I remember complaining about the wind last year too!

But all is calm this morning and it's even warmed up to 38!


  1. I'm so sorry about your soil. That would be heartbreaking to me. What can you do with such a light mix and heavy winds?

  2. Hi Stefaneener! Good morning! I should have covered the box!

  3. Today we are getting the wind. We keep getting gusts to about 38mph. Luckily tomorrow brings nicer weather. Sorry about your lost soil.

  4. Hi Daphne!
    Wow... that's pretty strong wind! We've got another bout of wind forecasted for tomorrow. I will cover my boxes tonight! I have some pallets and cardboard to use...

  5. Thank you very much. I love your garden it's very big I'm very jealous. Hopefully I don't make a poor showing. Ta Ta :)

  6. Hey Gaby! Thanks for stopping by! Call your garden an adventure and just enjoy it... NO MATTER WHAT! That's what I'm doing! Thanks for your kind words!

  7. Good night! I'm sending warm thoughts yourway.

  8. Hi there Ribbit! Thanks for sending the warm thoughts... truly appreciate them! Hugs!!!! Toni


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