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Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 box planted with Spring crops!

I'm just in from spending a few hours in the garden!

Before I could plant, I had to clear out the corn stalk remains from last year then add some compost and water!

I got 1 4x4 box planted with spring crops!
-baby carrots
-baby romaine
-4 different kinds of radishes (planted special for my DH!)
-onions in each corner square

I loosely covered my planted 4x4 box with plastic to help the soil temperature to rise.

OK... let the garden yummies sprout!!!

I hope to get my tomato & pepper plants seeded inside tonight after supper!

Thanks to my gardening friends who stuck with me even during my long months of not posting! I appreciate your friendship, encouragement, and shared experience!!!! Hugs to each of you!!!!


  1. Hi Toni,
    This is OT for your post but I got 2 saskatoons last year from Gurney's. They're just little sticks but one of them did produce a handful of berries. The first few I picked (I think I posted pics last year) were probably a little early. The next group, something stole most of them (bird or dogs, but I actually suspect the birds) but I did get a couple. They were riper and much better. I have little leaf buds on the saskatoon sticks now (yay!). I'm curious to see what they'll do this year. I may also get to taste the jostaberries this year (hopefully!).

    The seed in the berry is a little bit big but they're pretty no-fuss bushes. We had a fairly wet summer but I don't think I watered them more than a couple times. They're in my backyard, not my garden area, so the hose is rarely nearby.

  2. I hope your seeds sprout quickly. It is so exciting getting a bed done.

  3. This is one of the best times in the garden. There's nothing disappointing, nothing that doesn't taste perfectly. . . what a good thing. Welcome to spring!

  4. Starting (or re-starting) a garden in Spring is always exciting. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could share that wonderful feeling.

  5. Hi Toni,
    I love to see what you have planted as there are so many things that you mention that I have never heard of, lol
    I too have been in the garden today, both at home and at my Mum's. Dad died in January and we are helping her to get things sorted, not easy as it brings back memories but boy did he hoard seeds!
    Jane (UK)

  6. Hi Jane, sorry about your Dad... we found the same thing when my husband's grandma passed. We used her seed stash for a few years! Thanks for stopping by!


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