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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Could it be?

Could it be?  YES! My first ripening tomato!!!  Seems kind of early though... but I'll take it!
The 4 squares of radishes that I planted recently are sprouting nicely!
A beautiful eggplant bloom!
 A bell pepper bloom!
Lots of flowers on the peas!
Here's one! I think that I ate it after taking this photo!  Yummy!
As I was watering my Lilies... I saw something move!  Yes... a Wyoming Toad!  I hope that he eats that little grasshopper!  He's sitting on the red mulch in my Lily bed.
My lilies are in bloom!  My neighbor gave me a bunch of lilies to plant last year.  I just LOVE  them!!!

Well... not much to eat in the garden yet... but it sure is looking pretty!


  1. Wow! I love the straight radish rows. They're beautiful.

    Not to be a naysayer, but if you're worried about the tomato turning color too quickly, did you look for BER? Those always seem to turn color faster than normal for me.

  2. Oh it looks like you will be eating very well from your garden soon. I love it when toads take up residence in the garden. I miss my froggy friend from last year. Your lily is beautiful.

  3. Not many people can have bragging rights on a ripening tomato in Wyoming! I bet it's tasty...they always are when you know the labor that went into them.

    We were camping in Medicine Bow, near Centennnial, since you asked. Sad to see all the beetle kill trees.

  4. Hi Ribbit-no BER! Just a perfect... little tomato!

    Thank you GrafixMuse!

    Rosey... I know! I'm so surprised! Our weather has been so strange this year. What part of Wyoming is that? I'm in northern Wyoming near Bighorn Canyon.


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