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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peas, Radishes, Onions and Carrots... and critters...

Was out to the garden by 6:30am this morning... what a perfect morning... a little cool, sunny... just beautiful!

I planted 2 varieties of peas this Spring... Sugar Ann and Wando.  The Sugar Ann hardly produced anything where as my Wando (heat tolerant) peas are loaded with blossoms.

So this morning, I pulled the yellowing Sugar Ann pea plants.... giving me 9 squares to plant something different (not decided just yet...).

Next year I will only plant Wando Peas.  I think that this heat resistant variety is best for our high plains desert environment!

Little Radishes...
A while back I planted  squares of radishes.  Today I harvest 4 little red radishes... they will be part of my hubby's lunch today!  He LOVES them!

Some onions looked ready... so I pulled a few of them too!  They sure smell wonderful!  Included in this bunch are 4 white onions and 1 yellow (this one was a left over from last year!)

I LOVE carrots!  My seed mat (Danvers Half Longs) carrots aren't doing so well... many of the seeds didn't germinate... got to replant my carrots!   But... the Little Finger carrots did OK.  They smell awesome too!

My critters have to be out in the garden with me... Look at Charlie (my white kitten)!!!  He decided the old wheel barrow is the perfect place to hide from his buddy Missy (our puppy).



Well, my seeds are spread out all over my outside table... got to decide what to plant next!!


  1. I love a good game of garden hide and seek. It's just perfect.

  2. Those radishes are so tiny and cute!

  3. Congratulations on the shallots. You will love them. Mince some and add to any oil and vinegar dressing you already like. Then graduate to a Bearnaise sauce which goes great with a broiled steak, or even broiled or poached salmon. If you can't find a recipe for the Bearnaise sauce, let me know and I will send you one.


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