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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out go the Peas and in go the ???

I pulled the Peas today.  
My younger son and our dog sure had a good time eating fresh out of the garden for a few weeks!  My 12 squares of peas plants yielded about a quart baggy full of peas.... not a lot... but enough to enjoy! 

Now... what to plant in those 12 squares?

I picked up some Bok Choy seeds at Home Depot last week... I may give that a try.. and also plant some more lettuce!  What did you plant in place of your peas?

Oh... and a note to myself... 
DON'T PLANT your beets NORTH of your Peas next year!!!  My poor beets plants have  been sun starved... maybe they can perk up now!

Spaghetti Squash... a first for me!
I've harvested 2 spaghetti squash so far!  I have NEVER eaten this type of squash... up till now!  I'm thinking of giving it a try tonight!

Here are my funky Carrots!  
I had such beautiful carrots last year... so what happened this year?  Much of the planted seed didn't germinate!  The seeds probably got blown away in one of the several gusty wind storms!  

In this tin container are several heads of Baby Romaine, Peas, Swiss Chard, Arugula, and Gem Lettuce... oh and a couple Spinach leaves.

We're having salad today!!!

Will be planting some more lettuce today!

Here's some pretty flowers in my hanging basket...


  1. Sorry about your carrots, but were those the ones you planted using the heavy paper towels as seed mats? I was afraid you'd have problems with them, because they don't disintegrate when they get wet.

    My beets didn't do much this year, and they weren't north of anything. It's just been an odd year for my garden.

  2. Yes Granny... those are the ones that I planted with HEAVY paper towels... You warned me... and I did it anyway! And this is what I get!!!!!

    : (

  3. Our beets didn't do so well, the ones we pulled up were a little puny. Not sure if it's too hot or the soil is not good enough.

  4. Here it's time to plant cole crops for fall harvest, such as kale. As well as other greens. But your climate is so different from ours, you may be able to ripen spaghetti squash! We had a round kind of zucchini the other day from the farmers' market, and if Billy will tell me what it was, I will definitely plant that. It acted just like zucchini but had three times the flavor. Do you know what it might be?

  5. I don't know Peg! DId you keep any seeds? Maybe you could try planting some!

    You had quite the bounty from the Farmer's Market!!!!

  6. Normally I plant my peas with my potatoes so when I have harvested them, the potatoes have taken over their spot but for you?? How about some quick ripening turnips like Golden / Jelly? They are quite nice. Or rapini?

  7. My snap peas didn't give more than a few handfuls this year. The weather here was just too hot. Everything else looks great. I love the spaghetti squash! I failed to plant that variety.

  8. You're just pulling up your peas, and I'm thinking of starting my fall peas already. Well, I might wait another week or two, as it still feels really hot outside. Your lettuce batch looks good, I guess they haven't bolted in your area?

  9. I'm looking at your lettuce with greenin my eyes. I am so missing lettuce around here. I broke down and bought some today.

    In the place of my peas I planted bush beans on one side of the trellis and a few cucumbers on the other side. I'd love to be able to plant some more collards, but I can't find seeds or seedlings.

  10. I planted giant pumpkins where my snow peas used to be but that was quite a while ago. The pumpkins were planted so that they would fill in the space left by the peas by the time the peas were ready to come out.
    P.S bok choi is always yummy

  11. Cheryl, it's been a coolish summer for us here so that's helping my lettuce crop. Also, I decided this year to plant my lettuce in the boxes that are partially shaded... I'm also planting lettuce in empty squares in the shade of my tomato plants.

  12. I only had two carrots germinate this year at all. So I've got nothing in that respect. I hope next year is better.


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