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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Great Pumpkin and washing up...

Good day my Gardening Friends!  And happy looooonnngg weekend!

I'm just back in from watering my garden.  As I meandered around my awesome gravel pathways... I found that my Early Girls are finally starting to turn red!  

I haven't really shared with you about the Giant Pumpkin that we're growing!!!  Here she is!  She gets bigger and bigger every day!!!  

Our local lumber yard is having a Great Pumpkin contest... my 12 year old son entered... so here's hoping!!!!  Isn't she beautiful???

As I picked some Swiss Chard this morning for my smoothie... I thought that I'd share a video with you of how I clean up my garden yummies... I have to warn you though... my kitten Charlie thinks that he's the star of this little clip!!!

I have some samples coming in and would love to share some Basic-H2 with you!  It's my gift to you!  See the instructions in the column to the right of this post!


  1. Awesome cute video. Charlie knows the H2 is safe for him - he's really into it, isn't he!!!???!

  2. Nice video. This is really cool! Charlie is adorable.

  3. Oh. Charlie is cute! He thinks it is him getting the fame! LOL> Oh, by the way, thanks for sharing this vedio. Actually, I have to be honest, I think I am really doing the wrong thing all along with regards to washing vegetables. Now, I have something to learn from! Thanks!

  4. Hi Rose Plated! Yes, Charlie must be the center of attention!
    I'm constantly using my Shaklee Basic-H2 to wash up my veggies! Love that stuff... and I know that it's totally safe! Safe for Charlie... safe for my family!

    I have some samples arriving soon! Would you like some? Click on the link in the right margin and tell me where to send it!

  5. Great video! I am glad that your child loving the gardening chores. I just hope that my kids are like your child. I also learn something useful and important to day. Thanks for sharing.


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